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7 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers

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Starting an email list is one of the best things you can do as a small business owner. Having your own list allows you to develop a closer relationship with your target audience so you can better understand how you can serve them.

When done correctly, your email list can really help you make more money in your business as well. The first step is to actually get more people on your list. Here are 7 best ways to get more email subscribers.

1. Have a Lead Magnet

It’s no secret that you can’t just ask people to subscribe to your list and just expect thousands of people to join. You need to offer a lead magnet which is usually a freebie. This can be anything that helps your audience finds valuable whether it’s a guide, worksheet/checklist, ebook, or any other freebie.

Don’t overthink it and try to keep your lead magnet simple so you can test out different ones to improve your results. I tend to only spend 2 hours or less creating a lead magnet to ensure I don’t go overboard.

2. Use More Than One Sign Up Form

How many sign-up forms do you have on your website? One or two is probably not going to cut it. Consider adding multiple forms to your site including a pop up on the home page to encourage more people to sign up.

3. Promote on Social Media

Some of your social media fans may not even know you have an email list. Promote your email list and lead magnet a few times per month to get more signups.

If you have a Facebook page, you can also add a call to action to help people easily sign up for your list.

4. Start a Resource Library

Another easy way to get more email subscribers is to stat a free resource library. Create some helpful resources that you offer only to email subscribers. You can even offer these resources on a password protected page and send subscribers the new password each month.

5. Offer Content Upgrades

If you post content on your business website like via blog, consider using existing content to help you get more subscribers. For example, you can take a popular blog post and turn it into a checklist or PDF that readers can get when they subscribe.

6. Offer Discounts and Coupons

Most retailers offer coupons to first-time email subscribers and they continue to offer news on deals and offers once you join the list. You can model this same format for your business. Some people try to shy away from this strategy because they feel people will only sign up for the coupon.

On the contrary, when someone signs up this way, it means they are likely remotely interested in becoming a customer. You can even set an expiration date for the coupon and let those on your list be the first to know about other deals and product launches.

7. Ask Questions

Start asking questions to the people on your email list by asking them why they subscribed and what they hope to get out of the experience. This can be one of the best ways to give you more ideas that will help you learn how to get more email subscribers.


There are many legitimate and dare I say even easy ways to get more email subscribers no matter the size of your business. Set a goal for how big you much you want to your list to grow month-by-month, then test out different ideas and be consistent.

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