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4 Tips to Get Organized and Get More Done for Less

Updated on March 8th, 2022

Most people have already started spring cleaning. While many people picture washing windows and decluttering their garages, this doesn’t just have to be just for your living space. This time of year may also motivate you to clean up your work area. A little time and attention can go a long way. These tips will help you get more organized and maybe even take on more work.

1. Bring some Zen to the office.

Having an organized home office or work space can allow you to get right to work and possibly get more done. If you are able to find what you are looking for quickly, you can complete projects faster, avoid the frustration of looking for lost items and maybe even take on another client or two. When you are able to locate things, this can equate to a calmer, more productive work day.

2. Organization can tighten up money leaks.

Having an organized space to work in can also save you money. If you’re pressed for a deadline or have a presentation to give and you can’t find needed materials in time, you may have to go out and purchase something that you already have. Depending on what it is, it can be costly. While this might happen on occasion, you don’t want to make a habit of doing this. Keep equipment and supplies in a set spot. If you like to have everything out while you’re working, be sure to incorporate clean up time at the end of your work day to put everything back. This can help you to stop purchasing supplies you already own.

3. Schedule time to stock up.

Setting reminders on your calendar to run errands or order supplies is important. It will help you avoid frantically running out last minute. Take a peek to see what you need replenish. If possible, try to time it with sales and coupons. Also, hold off buying certain items if you know a sale is coming. Maybe use less paper or printer ink in the meantime. Even consider purchasing a discounted gift card from the store that’s having the sale. You can then stack a discount with the sale price as a way to buy office supplies for less. Consider using Google Calendar or any other reminder that allows you to remember what you have to do. It will help you to routinely stock up without having to keep dates in your head.

4. Combat schedule clutter.

Sometimes we get work-related shiney object syndrome. We might pounce on every free career webinar, ebook or new social media platform without checking to see if we really have time to do this right now or if will even result in generating revenue. At times, we over schedule ourselves without thinking things through.  If you’re looking to make more money, be sure to prioritize and set money goals first and evaluate if something is truly worth your time.

The Bottom Line

You can “spring clean” certain parts of your work life that may need some sprucing up, maintenance or reorganizing. A little effort and some planning can help ensure that your work day runs smoother and allows you to maximize your time to make more money.


Karen Cordaway

Karen Cordaway

Karen is a Nationally Syndicated Personal Finance Writer who sharpens her skills at US News Money. You can also find her placing clients on podcasts and reading about home office organization, productivity and habits.

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