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3 Ways to Buy Home Office Supplies for Less

Having the proper equipment and office supplies for your small business is vital. And what goes better with a new stack of office supplies than a big fat discount on them? If you’re looking to stock up on all things home office, then take stock in these tips.

1. Jumpstart discounts before you shop.

If you’re hoping to get the most for your money before you even head out to the store, consider buying discounted gift cards in advance from sites like and Gift Card Granny. It’s a simple way to ensure that you will pay less for business expenses like office supplies without having to be up on every sale. Cut your bill and snag a discount. The percentage off varies. It can depends on the store and the increment you purchase, but it can allow you to get a hefty discount that can break into the double digit range. Flexibility is key with getting the deepest discount. Let it light a path to savings. Items such as office supplies like pens, paper, staples, etc. can be found at all sorts of stores. Look for the savings before you choose where to shop. For instance, if you’re not tied to one particular store, you can buy a discounted gift card to a big box store for 10 percent off and an office supply store gift card for maybe 20. It can pay to be strategic.

2. Keep cost cuts on your radar.

Be on the lookout for clearance items. Make it a rule to go straight to the clearance section of the store as soon as you enter. You never know what could end up there that you may need. While clearance can be tops for paying a fraction of the cost, you don’t want to wait too long if you really need something. You don’t want to miss out entirely on some sort of savings because you waited too long and the stock is gone.

3. Consider skipping the crowds

If you buy supplies and equipment from office supply stores, try purchasing when items are at a what you consider a “stock up” price. You can still play with the big boys when it comes to getting a good price this way. You can also dodge some of the craziness while shopping for such items as electronics that tend to go on sale around Black Friday or near back-to-school time. Also, sign up for text alerts through apps like Shop Savvy. This way, you won’t have to look for the deals, they will come to you. This will qualify you to be in the bargain shopping big leagues for your business and allow you to get what you need for less..

The Bottom Line

Evaluate what supplies and equipment you really need to make your business run smoothly without breaking the bank.. Restock and replenish much-needed items when necessary. Use the tips mentioned above as a guide.


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