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4 Tips for Recruiting Great Business Talent

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In any business, employees are everything. A company lives or dies in a large part on the strength of its employees. Recruiting talent is therefore one of the most important things that a management team does. While this has long been the case, the ways that companies find the best talent have changed considerably over the last decade; if you want your company to stay on top of its game, you have to adapt to the times. Here are four great tips to help your company recruit top talent.

Leverage Social Media

More likely than not, your company uses social media to expand brand awareness and communicate with the public, so why not use it to locate top talent as well? Many companies are out there in force on social media, searching for the next top employee. Some platforms, like LinkedIn, are specifically designed to help businesses find talent. But other companies are taking to Twitter, Facebook, and other sites to recruit great people as well. You can use your social media present to outright post job openings, like a 21st Century classified ad. You can also, through shrewd use of the medium, use your company’s social media postings to attract top talent to work for your firm. Finally, you can monitor social media sites, and look for people whose postings indicate they may be a great fit for your company, and reach out to them.

Offer Innovative Compensation Packages

While your company may be somewhat limited in how much pay it can offer for an important position, one way to nonetheless attract good talent is by offering other attractive forms of compensation. It could offer more flexible work hours, more time off and vacation time, or even the opportunity to work from home. The more innovative your compensation package and policies are, the better. And since so many Americans, especially millennials, are working as freelancers and enjoying the latitude that lifestyle entails, the more your business can enable its workers to “do their own thing” the better chance you have of recruiting good people.

Widen the Search

Your new talent searches are no longer limited like they were in the recent past, when companies had to rely on newspapers ads, or whatever budget they had to send headhunters out of their immediate area. With the advent of the Internet and social media, businesses can and should widen their search for top talent as geographically far and wide as possible, using the Internet, video teleconferencing, and other tools. This will increase the overall pool of talent you have available from which to choose employees, and will almost certainly increasing your company’s chances of recruiting the right person for the job. It may also increase your chances of finding people with the right skill sets your company needs to be successful as well.

Take a Look inside the Company

While searching far and wide is a great technique to find new recruits, there are other places to search for talent. One of the best places to begin looking for new employees to make your company better – is among the pool of current employees you already have. Selecting a current employee to move to a position of greater responsibility is a great way to recruit the talent you need. Recruiting from within saves time and money, since the employee already has a proven track record with the firm, and will need less training to understand the business.

More likely than not, a good employee eligible for a better job is already dedicated to the company as well, and will likely work harder to continue proving his or her value to the firm. Recruiting from within can also help boost morale; other employees will see that hard work and dedication in the firm is rewarded, and may be more loyal to the company and the management team, as they see how it rewards their hard work.


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