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4 Email Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

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I’ve spent years only sending a weekly blog post to my list. In 2017, I’m experimenting with using more email marketing strategies in my business. After all, it’s time to make money from products like digital courses and group coaching programs. The result so far is that more email marketing has led to more money in my bank account.

That being said, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use email marketing strategies. Here are some of the strategies that are currently working for me.

Actually send out emails.

I’m currently working with a group of seven women entrepreneurs on their marketing. Many of them let their email lists go completely cold earlier this year. It’s no wonder the money isn’t coming in.

They aren’t alone either. So many of the business owners I speak with on a regular basis aren’t communicating with their email list – at all. Many have fallen victim to thinking that social media has taken over email, which I’ve recently proven is false.

And so the first of these effective email marketing strategies is to actually use email. Start sending out on a regular basis and you’ll soon see your market starting to react more.

Use things from your daily life in your email marketing.

In his book, “Dot Com Secrets” Russell Brunsun talks about sending daily emails to your list. Essentially, you just pick stuff out from your life and find a way to connect it to a service or product.

I’ve been experimenting with this the last few months and I’ve made some observations. First, people like to know what’s going on in your life. Second, it makes it easier to come up with content and stay consistent with email. And finally, it works! I’ve significantly increased my digital course sales since using this strategy.

Here’s an example I recently used which was effective. I sent out an email where I announced I had my first launch that brought in nearly $10,000. At the end of the email readers had an option to apply for a consultation with me. Needless to say the applications wouldn’t stop rolling in!

There are tons of other elements that make these emails effective. For more insight on those I highly recommend checking out Russell Brunsun’s books.

Always have a call to action.

A lot of the emails I see in my inbox each day don’t actually have a call to action. Or, the call to action is a banner ad that has nothing to do with the content of the email.

Each email you send should somehow relate to a service or product. For instance, if I want to make sales for my online writing course, I send a series of emails over a course of a few days. All of the emails have to do with writing and all of them link to my course.


The idea of scarcity is by far one of the most effective email marketing strategies I use. If someone feels like they are going to lose out on something, they will jump on an opportunity.

That’s why I occasionally send out coupon codes for my products depending on what’s going on throughout the year. Most of the sales for those happen on the last day the coupon is being offered.

Final Thoughts

These four email marketing strategies are extremely effective in earning more revenue. If you’re looking to scale by selling more products, you need to be using email marketing.

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