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3 Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your Social Media Efforts

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Marketing strategies are all over the web. It can be daunting to figure out what works best for you. We know that clients aren’t just going to fall out of the sky and land in our lap.

Here are some ideas to help you plot out the marketing strategies that are the right fit for what you offer.

  1. Get the ball rolling

Social media can help fill your sales funnel according to Amanda Parent of Parent emphasizes using the platforms to first create awareness. She explains that the target market needs to realize that they have a problem and you’re the person that can solve it. Providing enough free value is key. It entices potential clients to consider working with you.

In doing this, they may see what the competition has to offer too. That is a part of the “consideration stage.” They are determining whether or not you are the person they should choose to work with to solve their problem. If you are, conversion takes place when your lead becomes a customer.

She goes on to say that social media works well for the awareness and consideration stages. Converting leads to customers happens most effectively through sales calls, webinars, events and sales pages. She also adds, “When starting on social media, the platform to use depends on the business and target audience.”

She also adds, “When starting on social media, the platform to use depends on the business and target audience.” Be sure you’re on the right platform for the best results. For example, a photographer would benefit from a visual platform like Instagram while a B2B business may do better on Linkedin.

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2. Link up with the right crowd

Linkedin Ads Evangelist AJ Wilcox of couldn’t agree more. Wilcox believes LinkedIn is the go-to platform for doing business. No matter if you’re advertising or just searching organically for prospects, you’re spending your time in the right place because your audience is there. He goes on to say that it’s the perfect place to engage with them as well.

He says, “LinkedIn Advertising gives you unprecedented control over targeting the exact professional who would be an ideal customer. That means that, if you’re targeting is great, every single impression, click, and conversion are of the highest quality.”

3. Pin for the win

If your audience takes to Pinterest, avoid just posting random pins and just wondering what’s most effective. Instead, Social Media Strategist Tracie Fobes emphasizes the importance of reading analytics to figure out what works in her pinning strategies book.

Fobes points out that after “looking under the hood” at the numbers, creating a strategy to optimize your efforts is critical. You can monitor how it goes and adjust when necessary. This can especially come in handy if your website traffic decreases.

The Bottom Line

There are many marketing strategies you use to promote your business. Be sure to do what is right for your business. Keep these tips in mind when deciding what is best for you. If clients start to roll in, perhaps you can then spend more time invoicing than marketing.

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