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3 Invoice Tasks to Give to an Assistant

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If you have a lot of work on your plate, passing on tasks to your assistant can make your workday a little less stressful. Invoicing is something that needs to get done each month promptly so you can get paid. Giving invoice tasks to your assistant can help you stay organized, and it can even help you get money faster. Here are each of the invoice related tasks you can assign to a member of your team.

Drafting Invoices and Sending Invoices

Creating invoices each month takes time that could be better spent working in other areas of your business. Have your assistant create and issue invoices for each of your clients after a job is done. Passing this on to an assistant can help you make sure invoices get sent in a timely manner. Remember—the faster the invoices go out, the faster you can get paid. If you notice your invoices aren’t getting out quickly, ask someone else to handle it for you.

Answering Questions About Invoices

When the assistant sends the invoices, they can also include a message that says the client should contact them with any questions. This way, your assistant acts as the buffer. The assistant can hopefully resolve invoice issues before they get to you.

Maybe the client needs instructions on how to make payment or they have questions about line items on the invoice. If your email inbox is bursting at the seams, getting your assistant to answer questions and manage the invoicing process can take a load off of your plate.

Giving them the autonomy to make some decisions on your behalf could prove beneficial because they’ll have complete control of the task. The assistant can involve you if there’s a discrepancy they can’t resolve on their own.

Following Up With Late Invoices

Late invoices are a nuisance and trying to track down payments is a pain. It can be difficult to remember to consistently follow up with unpaid invoices when you have a million other things to do. Assign invoice follow-ups to your assistant. The beauty of passing this off to an assistant is that their job is to be organized. They should know exactly who to follow up with and when which can help you get money faster.

Final Word

Invoicing is an administrative task that needs to get done. If collecting money isn’t your strong suit or you don’t have time to do it, outsource the task or assign it to your assistant. Train your assistant on how to use your invoicing system. Let them know how often you want invoices to go out and when to follow up if an invoice isn’t getting paid.

It may take a few tries for them to get the hang of the process. But you won’t have to worry about managing invoices at all once they have it figured out. Invoicing and accepting payments is one of many administrative tasks that you can pass on to someone else so you can focus on other areas of business.

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