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3 Easy and Free Upgrades to Add to Your Business Website

Sometimes business owners think they have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to create a beautiful website, but the truth is that some of the best upgrades you can make to the site you already have can be completely free, especially if your blog was created on the wordpress platform.

WordPress has some amazing and free plugins that can dramatically enhance your site and ensure your customers and clients can easily navigate your site and buy your services or products. Here are some examples of the types of additions you should look for:

A Contact Me Page

There are many times I’m on a business website, whether it’s a restaurant, a hair salon, or something else, and the only contact information I can find is an address or an e-mail address way at the bottom of the webpage in really tiny font.

The best thing you can do for your business is ensure people can contact you easily and reliably. By adding a contact plug in to your website you can set up a nice contact form on your site where people don’t have to copy/paste an e-mail address into their e-mail thus clicking off of your site.

You can set up your website where you put “contact me” somewhere on your site that is easily visible where your website visitors can click on it and be taken to a page that makes it extremely easy for them to ask you questions or send you their concerns. This is an immediate and quick upgrade that can help your site to grow.

A Social Media Sharing Plugin

I visit many websites that have blog posts, which is great. Every business should have a blog where the team can share information with their customers and provide behind the scenes information. A blog is a great way to connect with others, and luckily, many businesses are starting to see that.

One addition to every blog that would be helpful is a social media sharing plugin. These plugins are free to add to wordpress, and you can add it to the bottom of each post. This will show your readers numerous way to share your blog post information with others. That way, it’s not only you who is sharing your business information on your social media pages. Your customers now also have easy and accessible ways to share your information as well.

A Free Giveaway for Your Readers

One important aspect of having a website is to collect email addresses. When you have a strong email list, you can let them know of upcoming products or services you might be offering. One great way to grow an email list is to offer a free guide or ebook to your readers. It can be something as simple as a few of your top tips or as extensive as an actual 50 page ebook giveaway.

It’s very simple and free to add a subscribe box to your website with a free giveaway inside, and it will definitely be worthwhile in the long run if you can eventually convert your readers to dedicated fans or paying customers.

Ultimately, there are many ways to enhance or grow your business website without spending hundreds of dollars on a design team or marketing plan. The three tips above are a great place to start to grow your readership and develop customer loyalty.

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