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101 Discounts for High School Students

101 Discounts for High School Students

Are you a parent fighting to stick to your budget? If not, are you a high school student learning the basics of financial responsibility? If so, you can achieve either goal by using the following 101 discounts.

Table of Contents

Banking and Finance

1. Capital One MONEY

If you’re a parent wanting to teach your child how to properly manage a banking account, you can get a head start with options like Capital One’s MONEY account. It’s designed especially towards students under the age of 18. They’ll receive a debit card, the ability to earn interest, and there are no fees. Parents will also receive alerts.

2. Alpine Bank

Alpine Bank will pay students for A’s. Just bring in a copy of your child’s report card to your local branch and winning report cards will be drawn. Recipients can “receive $10 for A’s or 4’s and $5 for B’s or 3’s for five main subjects. That means a straight-A report card could earn your child $50 cash! Deadlines: January 31 and June 30.”

3. AOD Federal Credit Union

Students in grades K-12 are “eligible to have money deposited into his or her savings account for receiving a great report card” at AODFCU. For example, students can earn $2 for every A grade. $1 for every B grade, and $0.50 for every C on their report card.

4. America’s First Federal Credit

As part of their Kids First Club, the Amfirst Honor Dollars Bonus Program “rewards small students for significant grades. If your child has all A’s and B’s, they’ll get $5 deposited into their Kids First Club account.

5. First Southern National Bank

For every A on his or her report card, First Southern National Bank will deposit $1.00 into their savings account — up to $10 per grading period.

6. Greenlight

A lifelong lesson that young adults should learn is budgeting and managing their money. Apps, such as Greenlight, is a debit card that can teach your kids how to set financial goals, make tradeoff decisions, and learn how to save. There are parental controls to help keep them in check.

7. Zions Bank

Zions Bank also has a pays for A’s program. “Hardworking middle school, junior high, and high school students (ages 12 to 18) in Utah and Idaho can earn $1 per “A” on their 2019-2020 report cards. (Sorry, “A-” grades aren’t eligible.) So, eligible students are also entered for a chance to win scholarship savings accounts worth up to $1,000.”

Backpacks and Bags

8. JanSport

The company always offers college and university students a 20% discount. But, high schoolers don’t have to be excluded. If you visit sites like RetailMeNot, you can find a similar discount of 20% off any full price order.

9. L.L. Bean

Like JanSport, L.L. Bean has discounts for college students and teachers. However, there are deals to be found online. For example, first-time email subscribers can get 10% off their first order. And, the company has free shipping on orders over $50.

10. Urban Outfitters

Right now, you can receive 30% off select items at UO, including bags and backpacks.

11. Nordstrom Rack

Take up to 60% off designer backpacks.

12. Kipling

If you search for codes, “BIGDEAL,” you can secure 40% off + 15% off backpacks.

13. The House

A variety of backpacks are currently on sale at 50% to 63% off.


Up to 60% off, as well as 70% on select colors. Shipping is free on orders of $49 or more.

15. Overstock

Extra 10% off select backpacks and free shipping.

16. Garnet Hill

The brand’s Eco Signature Backpack is 50% off. And, they’ll also throw in a matching lunch pack for free.

17. Matein

Laptop backpacks are currently 40% off. You can also use the code “CARRYON” for 10% off.

18. Timbuk2

Whether it’s a messenger bag or laptop backpack, these stylish options have a lifetime warranty so that you can continue using the bad throughout college. Shipping is free, and you can take 10% off your first order.

19. Herschel Supply Co.

Up to 50% off on select bags and backpacks.


20. Nike

Verify your student status with SheerID and receive a 20% discount.

21. Adidas

Through UNiDAYS, students over the age of 16 are eligible for a 15% discount plus free shipping.

22. Vans

Students who have registered with UNiDAYS can receive 10% off.

23. Hollister Co.

After registering and verifying your status, you can knock 10% off your purchase.

24. American Eagle Outfitters

If you shop online, you can get 20% off your order.

25. Champion

While active college students can always enjoy a 10% discount, high schoolers can take advantage of free shipping and 15% off after signing up for exclusive offers.

26. Calvin Klein

If you sign in with UNiDAYs, you can access a 10% discount.

27. Tommy Hilfiger

In addition to the usual 10% discount, it’s pretty easy to find promotional codes online like free shipping and half off your purchase

28. The North Face

While the student discount is only applicable to college and university students, it’s pretty easy to locate promo codes online. What’s more, The North Face offers free 3-day shipping

29. H&M

Via UNiDAYs, students can claim 15% off. However, it’s not upcoming for the Swedish chain to put up coupons ranging from 20% off your purchase to free shipping.

30. Levi Strauss

The legendary denim company may not offer a student discount; you should be able to find various coupons on sites like Groupon.

31. Converse

Students can secure 20% off.

32. Forever 21

Through UNiDAYS, students can enjoy 15%. You can also dig around on sites like Deals Plus to find additional coupons.

33. ASOS

Students get 10% off. The company also has deals like free express shipping and an additional 20% off if you spend over $120.

34. Topshop

You can unlock 10% off through Student Beans. Right now, on selected shoes and bags, you can also snag another 60% off.

35. American Eagle

Eligible students can receive 20% off their purchase.

36. Hot Topic

If you subscribe to their email list, you’ll be rewarded with 30% off.

37. Journey’s

Students can take $10 off their purchase thanks to UNiDAYS.

38. PacSun

Your good friends over at UNiDAYS are offering 10% off at PacSun.

39. Old Navy

While Old Navy doesn’t offer student discounts, coupons and promotions are readily available. Currently, they offer free shipping on orders over $50. I was also able to find coupons for 50% off all jeans and tees.

40. Aeropostale

Students, via UNiDAYS, can benefit from 15% off. However, if you sign up for their email, you can receive exclusive deals like 50-70% off everything.

41. Charlotte Russe

Visit sites like Coupon Follow to find amazing deals, such as 20% off.

42. Uniqlo

The store is currently working on updating its student discount. In the meantime, you can “spin” to reveal offers like $5 or $10 0ff.

Computers and Electronics

43. Apple

Apple seems to have finally relaxed its eligibility for student discounts. Previously, only college students and educators could claim the 15% discount. However, it appears that high schoolers can also take advantage of this deal — which also includes a pair of AirPods and 20% off AppleCare. If that doesn’t work, wait until you have a college acceptance letter.

44. Samsung

According to its site, “Add your 10% education discount to most other Samsung offers to save up to 30% on smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other purchases. ”

45. Lenovo

Lenovo only offers students discounts for college or university students. But, if you browse sites like, you can still find some incredible deals. For instance, I spotted a 40% discount on ThinkPad laptops, ThinkBooks, and ThinkStation desktops.

46. Dell

Through UNiDAYS, you can secure a 10% discount. Some high schoolers might not be able to land this deal. But coupons are easily accessible online. You can visit Dell’s website to view current coupons and deals.

47. Fujitsu

Students and educators can receive a 5% discount on select LIFEBOOK notebooks and Tablet PCs. The online shop also has deals like a $50 instant coupon and free shipping.

48. HP

Students over the age of 13 are eligible for a student discount at Hewlett Packard. In turn, you’ll get 10% off, free shipping, and a one-year limited warranty.

49. Sony

Sony used to offer a student discount. The good news is that you can still find great deals on Sony products on coupon sites. I came across one deal for 55% off your purchase.

50. Logitech

Through Student Beans, you can get 25% of Logitech products. If not applicable, sites like Slick Deals have coupons available.

51. Das Keyboard

Students can get 20% off a new keyboard, as well as free shipping.

52. Best Buy

Best Buy does have discounts for college students. But, you can find some steals on their site — especially if you purchase refurbished items. For example, I bought an 11.6 refurbished Chromebook for around $80 to use when I travel.

53. ThinkEDU

Students can save on computers, tablets, phones, and software at ThinkEDU.

Software and Digital Services

54. Adobe

As long as you are over the age of 13, you can get up to 60% off products like Creative Cloud.

55. Office 365

Students can get Office 365 Education for free, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams.

56. JourneyED

K-12 students can order everything from software to computers through this tech store at discounted prices.

57. Corel

Students can get up to 96% off the retail price.

58. LibreOffice

Are you tired of dealing with Microsoft? LibreOffice is a free and open-source alternative.

59. Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free online courses like SAT prep, high school civics, trig, and life skills like personal finance.

60. edX

Another platform that offers free online courses from over 140 different institutions like MIT and Berkely.

61. Coursera

Coursera offers high schoolers a wind-range of free online courses like how to play the guitar to calculus.

62. is a free service that can help parents or students discover financial aid options that you may have never known about.

63. Duolingo

If you’re a student, you can use Duolingo for free if you ever wanted to learn a new language.

64. Codecademy

With Codecademy, you can learn how to code for free.

65. Phlearn

Interested in photoshop, photography, and lightroom? You can learn these skills online for free.

66. Ted-Ed

Through short animated videos, Ted-Ed is a free supplement to subjects like the arts, literature, science, social studies, mathematics, and more.

67. Prezi

Want to impress your class, and more importantly, your teacher, with impressive presentations? Prezi’s basic plan is offered for free.

68. GitHub

With the GitHub Student Developer Pack, students can have free or discounted access to leading developer tools.

69. The New York Times and Verizon

Thanks to this partnership, students over age 13 have free digital access to The Times.

70. Basecamp

After a 30-day free trial, K-12 students can snag 10% off this popular project management tool.

School Supplies and Furniture

71. Amazon

Whatever you’re looking for, Amazon’s got it at unbelievable prices.

72. Walmart

Everything from pencils, calculators, desks, and SAT study guides are available at Walmart at competitive prices.

73. Target

Target is another excellent option if you’ve looking to save money on essential school supplies.

74. Staples

If you’re searching for school supplies, Staples has some unbeatable deals like one subject notebooks for a quarter.

75. Office Depot

Deals can change weekly. But, Office Depot usually has office chairs, desks, and printer paper at can’t-beat-prices.

76. Wayfair

In addition to the Back to School Blowout, Wayfair has clearout sales where you can find your next desk or chair at an affordable price.

77. IKEA

While not exclusive to high schoolers, if your fam becomes a member of IKEA Family, everyone will receive discounts and rewards. There’s also access to workshops and a free hot drink at IKEA’s restaurant.

78. Claire’s

At Claire’s, you can find at least 30% off diaries and notebooks.

79. Rifle Paper Co.

Students can take up to 50% off notebooks, as well as accessories like pens, iPhone cases, and tote bags.

80. The Happy Planner

You can save from 15% to 60% on everything from desk accessories to notebooks that can be found at The Happy Planner.


81. 7-11

While not exclusively a student discount, downloading the app could lead you to get rewards like a free coffee, Big Gulp, or taquito.

82. Baskin-Robbins

Have you got good grades? That might get you a free scoop of ice cream. If your location doesn’t offer that perk, you can still get a scoop just for downloading the app.

83. Cheryl’s Cookies

At participating stores, you’ll get free cookies if you have “As” on your report card.

84. Chick-fil-A

If your report card is full of A’s and B’s, you’ll land an 8-piece nugget and ice cream cone.

85. Chipotle

At some locations, students can grab a free drink. If you join their rewards program, you could earn points to free food.

86. Dairy Queen

Select DQs offer discounts for good grades. If not, enjoy a free small Blizzard when you download the app.

87. Grab and Go Meals

Many school districts around the country are offering “grab and go” meals for breakfast and lunch during the summer and now while schools are closed due to COVID-19. Some districts will even deliver the food to you. Check your school’s website to see if this is available.

88. Krispy Kreme

You’ll get a free donut for every A (up to 6). Or, you can download the app and snag a delicious pastry.

89. Marco’s Pizza

Participating locations will reward students from K to college a free one-topping pizza if they have an A on their report card.

90. McDonald’s

Students in grades 6-12 can secure a free value meal with straight A’s.

91. The Melting Pot

Students in grades 9th-12th can get a free four-course meal if they have substantial grades.

92. Panera

Signing up for the MyPanera rewards program will earn you a free pastry. But, the more you use the app, the more reward you can put towards salads and sandwiches.

93. Starbucks

The Starbucks rewards program is arguably one of the most popular and celebrated loyalty programs available. You get a free drink and snacks on your birthday, and you can earn points for future complimentary products.

94. Qdoba

Join their rewards program and get yourself chips and salsa.


95. Micro-scholarships

As soon as you enter 9th grade, you can join RaiseMe. Enter your grades and extracurricular activities to your portfolio, and you can start earning scholarships for college. Your future self and parents will thank you later.

96. Public Transportation

While not every metropolitan area provides fare-free transit to high schoolers, some cities do. For instance, in the Sacramento area, students in grades K through 12 can catch a ride for free with RydeFreeRT.

97. Car Insurance

Are you a parent with a teenage driver? If so, you may be able to add them to your car insurance policy at a discounted rate. Most insurance companies like Nationwide, Safeco, and Stare Farm will offer competitive prices if your child has at least a “B” average in school.

98. Museums

Depending on where you reside, high schools have free access to local museums. For example, if you live around NYC, there’s free or discounted access to museums, including the Brooklyn Historical Society, the Museum of Modern Art, and El Museo del Barrio.

99. Movie Tickets

While not all heaters offer discounts for high school students, some like AMC and Regal have excellent deals during the summer. In fact, on specific days, you might be able to catch a show for just a couple of bucks.

100. Movie and Video Game Rentals

If you have A’s on your report card, you can get a free movie or game rental at Family Video.

101. Games and Entertainment

You can also put your good grades to use by getting discounts on tickets to minor league baseball games, bowling, and fun centers like Amazing Jake’s.

Final words of advice.

  • Sign-up for your favorite brand’s emails.
  • Visit coupon sites regularly.
  • Download the Kudzoo or Lock&Stock apps. Kids in middle and high school can submit their report records to earn Kudzoo Cash, which can be redeemed at local businesses. With Lock&Stock, students can earn rewards for discounts or scholarships.
  • Sites like UNiDAYS may be geared toward college and university students. However, high schoolers have reported that they can access deals if they have a student email address and are over the age of 16.
  • Some states have specific weekends in August and September for tax-free back-to-school shopping. Other states, such as Delaware, offer tax-free shopping year-round.

What if your back-to-school shopping breaks your budget? Try to find freebies as opposed to accumulating debt. For example, your school district may provide essential supplies for free. There are also organizations like Operation Backpack that offer free supplies.

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