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Blog » Inspirational Finance Quotes » You Must Understand Something. Money Is Not A Sign of Achievement – Jude Watson

You Must Understand Something. Money Is Not A Sign of Achievement – Jude Watson

“You must understand something. Money is not a sign of achievement.”

– Jude Watson


Here are achievements worth a certain amount of pride: Inventing a new technology that helps people, in any measure. Winning an award that you worked hard for. Learning a new skill that makes you happy or fulfills a certain longing in your heart. Overcoming the odds, taking the cards you were dealt and taking them further than anybody had ever expected. Making your parents proud, and being able to repay them in some measure for the life they’ve given you.

Here are non-achievements that have little intrinsic value yet get people really excited: Having lots of money. Never undersell yourself for a few pieces of paper. Give yourself a chance to feel genuine pride.


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