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Is Work Taking Over Your Life?

Updated on January 17th, 2022

One of the things we often have to worry about when self-employed is the fact that work can so easily take over life. Business owners and freelancer often find themselves working ALL the time. This can cause problems with relationships and even result in forgetting what you do it all for in the first place.

As you move forward with your business, take the time to step back. Examine how you do things, and be real about whether or not work is taking over your life.

Do You Feel Like You’re Wasting Time When Not Working?

It’s true that you want to hustle and work hard. But is it really so wrong to have down time? Do you need to be hustling all the time? They answer is no. In fact, it’s not healthy to constantly be working. Sometimes you need to take a break.

If you feel like time not spent working is wasted, it’s time to re-evaluate. Are you really wasting time if you play with your kids or go on a date with your significant other? Is it really a waste of time to recharge yourself by reading a good book or taking a walk?

Stop and think about how work might be taking over your life, and make some adjustments to how you do things. Carve out time to pursue other interests and make memories with your loved ones.

Are Your Relationships Suffering?

Don’t let your relationships suffer because you can’t stop working. Sometimes the people in your life need your attention. Your kids will remember that you never had time for them — and they might resent you for it later. Working all the time can strain relationships with friends, family, and partners.

I know that I sometimes have to work hard at putting the work away. It’s always there as a freelancer, but sometimes I need to close the laptop and talk to my mom for half an hour or go to lunch with my dad. I always try to put the work away when my son is home from school so we talk about his day, work on homework, and practice fencing. We usually make dinner together as well. It’s important to be present for the people in your life.

It’s important to be present for the people in your life. The money you make by spending all your time on your business or freelancing can’t replace the people in your life and the memories you haven’t made.

Are You Stressed About Work All the Time?

If you keep thinking about work, that could be a sign that it’s taking over your life, especially if you’re stressed out about it all the time. Thinking about work and feeling stressed regularly, it can impact other areas of your life, including your health. Lots of stress can have physical and mental health impacts.

Step back and see if you are too stressed by work. Take some time to relax, and find a new hobby so that you aren’t always distracted and stressed by thoughts of what’s next.

Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit

I'm Miranda and I'm a freelance financial journalist and money expert. My specialties are investing, small business/entrepreneurship and personal finance. The journey to business success and financial freedom is best undertaken with fellow travelers.

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