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Why Instagram Is My Favorite Social Media Platform

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Although Instagram has been around for some time, it’s really been buzzing lately. It seems as if every internet marketer is teaching people how to use the social media platform for business. I, for one, am all for it. After many years of using different social media platforms for business, I can confidently say Instagram is my favorite.

Of course, Instagram is my favorite for now. I am very much aware that Facebook owns it. I am also aware that they change algorithms. This is why I advise coaching clients and students to always use social media to drive traffic or build their email list.

That being said, here are the many reasons why Instagram is my favorite social media platform.

It’s a lot of fun

First and foremost, I think Instagram is a lot of fun. I personally like to use my creativity in multiple ways, and Instagram forces me to do that. For example, I write for a living so sometimes I get bored with it. On Instagram, I’m forced to learn other creative skills like photography.

It’s also a lot of fun to take photos for Instagram. A friend and I recently ran around the local arts district taking photos we now use for Instagram marketing. It was a really fun day and now I have photos for at least a month’s worth of marketing.

Instagram stories are hot

I love getting a peek into people’s lives. I also love giving my own followers a peek into my life. In the current world of online marketing, this sort of transparency helps build trust with your market.

Additionally, I’m currently getting hundreds of views on my Instagram stories per day. This means I’d be stupid not to use it to drive traffic or build my email list. Since I have over 10,000 followers on Instagram, I also have the “Swipe Up” option enabled on my Instagram stories. This allows viewers to swipe up on their phones and be directed to a webpage of my choosing.

For example, I’m currently using daily Instagram stories to promote a giveaway I’m doing on my blog. This drives traffic and builds my email list.

I’m doing business via DMs

I don’t know why, but lately, people are just sending me DMs on Instagram rather than emailing me. I literally landed a monthly radio segment on a massive media network via my Instagram DMs.  Since there are so many forms of business communication these days that it would only make sense that people send direct messages.

Instagram followers take action when directed to

I can directly link money that I’ve made to Instagram. Many of the students for my six-week group coaching program initially found me on Instagram. I now have enough data to show that Instagram is the starting point for many of my clients.

Since I normally direct them to take action by joining an email list, my list has grown significantly without me having to spend money. I also have people tagging me in posts and sending even more followers my way. And, as I already mentioned, I’m getting a lot of traction on my Instagram stories.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is hands down my favorite social media tool ever. It allows me to have fun while still building my business over time. Best of all, I can do it without having to spend money.

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