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What Does It Mean to Be a Solopreneur?

Thanks to technology, it’s possible to make money in a variety of ways. With cloud technology and the connectedness of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to start your own business.

In fact, due to the growth of technology, it’s possible to run a business on your own, as a sole person. This is becoming so common that the term “solopreneur” has been developed to describe someone who runs a business on his or her own.

Are You a Solopreneur?

Many of us don’t feel like we are “real” entrepreneurs or business owners when we are running businesses on our own. However, the reality is that many of those running businesses on their own have “real” businesses and make significant money — even if they don’t fit into the “traditional” entrepreneur mold.

If you are making money by running a business on your own, don’t discount your abilities and contributions. There is a good chance that you are a solopreneur and that your business model is just what you need right now.

Finding Success as a Solopreneur

As you work to make your business a success, it’s important to figure out what that means for you. For many soloprenuers, success is about discovering flexibility and freedom. Many solopreneurs just want to be able to design their lifestyles in ways that are meaningful to them and allow them to lead the lives they want.

Other solopreneurs hope to eventually be able to hire more people and become entrepreneurs in a more traditional sense. Perhaps you want to scale up your business to the point where you can roll out new products and services and employ people to take care of a lot of what you need done.

Having a good business plan is an essential first step — even if you never decide to hire another person for your venture. Knowing where you are going and why you are headed there makes sense. No matter the size of your business or the amount of your income, it’s vital to create a plan. Know what you hope to accomplish and why you do what you do so that you don’t wind up lost in the proverbial woods.

Draw the Line Between Business and Personal Time

One of the hardest things to do as a solopreneur is to stop working. Many solopreneurs find that their work or business becomes a lifestyle. As long as you can maintain your relationships and involve your family in that lifestyle, it probably isn’t an issue.

What’s problematic is when you have other obligations to fulfill, but you don’t know when to stop working. Make it a point to quit working and focus on other areas of your life. You might be surprised at how successful you can be as a business owner when you make the effort to carefully delineate between business time and personal time.

Solopreneurs let their businesses into so much of their lives that these business often become who they are. While it can be nice to be identified by your work, and it can give meaning to your life, don’t forget that you have other worthwhile endeavors to pursue.

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