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Ways to Work More Efficiently to Make More Money

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There are multiple ways to increase your income. Sometimes it means implementing a new strategy or just making a simple tweak. Here are 3 ways to work more efficiently to potentially boost your bank account.

Ways to Work More Efficiently to Make More Money

1. Schedule time to inquire about outsourcing

While it’s great to work for yourself, sometimes it’s challenging to take care of every aspect of your business. It’s worth it to hire others to do things we don’t like doing or simply don’t have the time to do. Sometimes we’re so busy trying to keep everything together, we don’t even set aside time to hire help. Ask around or look into The Client Connection at Website Owner, Carrie Smith matches client needs with qualified freelancers that are ready to help. No matter where you look for help, have multiple people send you proposals or at least more information about their services.

2. The fortune is in the follow up

Sometimes we miss out on money making opportunities simply because we don’t follow up. Maybe you meet someone at a professional conference who showed interest in your services or products. Perhaps, they even told you to reach out. If you don’t jot down their information right away or contact them quickly with an email, you can miss out on getting a new client or other money making opportunity.

I just connected with a podcaster that’s interested in working with one of my clients. She’s going away but told me to reach out in a few weeks. I immediately put that on my calendar. It’s easy to lose track of time or completely forget all together. Whenever I pitch or need to reconnect with someone at a later date, I have to schedule it. Otherwise, it’s too easy to forget or get distracted and not follow through. Make it a habit to put it on your calendar right away so you remember who you need to contact.

3. Scan and store contact information more efficiently 

How many times have you exchanged business cards and had every intention of following up but you misplaced the card or even forgot the person’s name or what you discussed. Creating systems based around your habits can save you from these types of situations in the future.

If you like to store contact information digitally, staying organized can be a snapshot away. You can integrate and digitize contact information by using a combination of Shoeboxed and Evernote apps. Use Shoeboxed to capture the information and then store it in Evernote. You can quickly take a picture of a business card to store contact information. If you use it in combination with Evernote, you can then access it later. Just make sure you take action on the contact in a timely fashion or the person can lose interest and quickly take their business elsewhere. Also, remind yourself to access the information to follow through on the lead. Whether you have to set a reminder or block out time to handle these types of emails daily.

The Bottom Line

Using these tips can bring in more money and set you on a more organized path to do so in the future. This can also free you up to focus on your craft or the parts you like most. Do the numbers to see what you can afford to outsource. If done properly, it can potentially allow you to make more money down the line or even right away.

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