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The Top 50 People You Need to Know at FinCon 2016

Fincon 2016 San Diego

Held September 21-24, 2016 in San Diego, CA FinCon 2016 is the world’s largest convention for financial content that brings together leaders in the money, fintech, and media industries.

This is the perfect time meet the top people from these industries to learn more and make connections.

Besides me of course @johnrampton, here are the top 50 people you need to know at FinCon this year:

Philip Taylor:

First, Philip is a CPA and blogger as well as Founder and Editor-in-Chief of PT Money. He’s dedicated to helping consumers make extra money, save, spend wisely, as well as fix finances.

Murray Newlands:

Second, Murray Newlands is the co-founder of Due, an online invoicing and payments company that offers a range of payment methods, including a digital wallet, eChecks, eCash, and eBank. We work together.

Kim Garst:

Kim Garst heads up Boom Social, a professional social media marketing firm that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs get traffic, engagement, conversion and content.

Noah Kagan:

Next, Noah Kagan leads AppSumo, a company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get their hands on the best products and most innovative solutions at an affordable price.

Clark Howard:

Clark Howard is host of the nationally syndicated show, The Clark Howard Show. He is also a consumer expert who uses his show and website to help consumers to save money, and spend wisely.

Jean Chatzky:

Jean Chatzky is a financial expert who provides financial advice directed at women. She has a podcast and blog as well as authored numerous books full of money advice. Here site also offers many tools for financial success.

Kyle Taylor:

Next, Kyle Taylor leads the Penny Hoarder, which is a media site directed at providing money tips to millions of people everyday with all types of advice on saving and spending wisely.

Pat Flynn:

Pat Flynn heads up Smart Passive Income, an online resources that teaches others how to develop and manage online businesses that optimize passive income, which is money that you make without ongoing effort to do so.

Jeff Rose:

Jeff Rose started Good Financial Cents, which is a blog dedicated to helping people make better choices with their money. He is a certified financial planner who incorporates advice on retirement, investing, and saving into his overall financial content.

Tom Drake:

Tom Drake runs the Canadian Finance Blog, which focuses on providing financial advice to Canadians, and Create Hype, an agency that delivers branding, marketing, social media and PR to a range of clients.

J.D. Roth:

J.D. Roth runs a blog called Money Boss. He puts tens years of personal experience to help. He helps others get out of debt, start saving, and get control over their lives.

Jim Wang:

Jim Wang heads up a website called Wallet Hacks, which focuses on his strategies and philosophy for becoming financial independent. He has been featured in all types of media like Entrepreneur and the New York Times.

Chris Ducker:

Chris Ducker is an entrepreneur and brand expert who has a blog and podcast as well as regularly speaks at events and writes books dedicated to helping people build up their brand and handle all aspects of running a business.

Lauren Greutman:

Lauren Greutman helps women create financial freedom for their families based on her own experiences through her books and blog. Her tips focus on living a simpler life within a person’s means and enjoying how to be frugal.

Steve Chou:

Steve Chou uses his personal experiences to help others learn how they can quit their jobs and start their own businesses. He does this through books, a podcast, blog and tools. Additionally, these are designed to help more people take control of their lives and add balance and financial security.

Miranda Marquit:

Miranda Marquit has parlayed a freelance writing career that focused on money matters into a new career as a blogger and financial expert through her site, Planting Money Seeds. Also, her financial content has been featured in all types of media and publications.

Michelle Gardner:

Michelle Gardner runs Making Sense of Cents, a blog dedicated to helping others improve their financial decisions and actions. She has won many awards for her content. That in turn leverages her financial industry expertise from her previous stint in corporate life.

Harlan Landes:

Harlan Landes founded the Plutus Awards and the Plutus Foundation as a way to have the financial media community do more to help improve the financial independence and wellbeing of citizens all over the world.

Brandon Turner:

Brandon Turner is one of the co-host of BiggerPockets podcast, an online real estate networking and information resources platform that helps educate people about real estate and real estate investing by providing content, data, tools, marketing and networking. The site offers ebooks, a podcast, a summit and blog.

Bob Lotich:

Bob Lotich takes a Christian and mindful thinking approach to thinking and using money to help others through a blog, books, seminars and coaching so they can lead a more purposeful, financially balanced life.

Grant Baldwin:

Grant Baldwin founded the speaker lab as a way to help others become better personal speakers. He uses a podcast and blog to assist others in improving their speaking skills.

Jared Easley:

Jared Easley started the Podcast Movement, which brings together active and aspiring podcasters and professionals for a conference to share ideas, learn, and network.


J. Money is a financial expert who provides the perspective of a Millennial, husband, and father through his blog and podcasts. He shares his insights on the importance of creating and managing a budget to save and earn more.

Erin Chase:

Erin Chase manages the blog, 5 Dollar Dinners, where she serves up advice on how to save money as a family, including meals and food purchases. She offers a wide range of content that includes meal plans and recipes.

Todd Tresidder:

Todd Tresidder is a serial entrepreneur and investor who gained financial independence while in his 30s and now shares his secrets through books, a blog, and podcast so that others learn how to enjoy a financially secure lifestyle.

Tiffany Aliche:

Tiffany Aliche refers to herself as the Budgetnista and serves as an expert on how to live a rich life through her blog, books, and seminars around budgeting, saving, and creating wealth.

David Auten and John Schneider:

Known as The Debt Free Guys, David Auten and John Schneider are focused on helping others achieve a debt-free life while still having fun and achieving their dreams. They have been featured in all types of media publications, using their personal stories and experiences.

Amanda Abella:

Amanda Abella is a speaker, author, blogger, and business coach. She works as a full-time personal finance writer, online business coach, and Millennial money expert.

Patrice C. Washington:

Patrice C. Washington is a trainer, blogger, and author. She started Real Money Answers after looking for her own answers related to money. Then, she soon discovered many others were asking the same things.

Jordan Harbinger:

Jordan Harbinger runs the Art of Charm podcast and has focused on social influence and engineering as well as interpersonal dynamics. He was named by Forbes as one of the 50 best relationship-builders.

Rob Berger:

Rob Berger founded the Dough Roller, a personal finance blog read by millions with tips, resources, and news. The information from the blog has been syndicated in many places. This includes business, finance, and industry publications related to banking, credit, retirement, and smart spending.

Eva Baker:

Eva Baker is a teen who realized that she could start planning and budgeting early on and then decided to share her experience with other teens who wanted to do the same thing. She is a blogger and author who has turned her own personal journey into a career.

Liz Weston:

Liz Weston is an award-winning personal finance columnist, commentator, author and speaker. She writes for NerdWallet and her Q&A column, “Money Talk,” appears in newspapers all over the country.

Leslie Samuel:

Leslie Samuel was a former university professor who is now a full-time blogger. He teaches others how to join his site, become a blogger, through blogs and podcasts.

Michael Kitces:

Michael Kitces writes a blog called Nerd’s Eye View. On his blog, he covers financial planning strategies and practice management ideas. He has previously created several businesses to help people implement these strategies.

Stacy Johnson:

Stacy Johnson is Founder and CEO of Money Talks News, an online media site focused on providing information on money, investing, saving, deals, and coupons for consumers throughout the country. He’s also a CPA who puts his financial background to work in the expertise he and his team delivers daily.

Paula Pant:

Paula Pant manages her blog, Afford Anything, where she teaches others how to not become paycheck-dependent, using her own experiences and that of others.

Stefanie O’Connell:

Stefanie O’Connell is a financial expert who is dedicated to helping young adults achieve financial success. She is also a speaker and author of the book, “The Broke and Beautiful Life.”

Talaat and Tai McNeely:

Talaat and Tai McNeely are a married couple who started out with very different ideas about money. Their blog is geared toward helping couples and individuals. It helps them understand how to use money more wisely, get out of debt, save and plan for big purchases.

Tabitha Philen:

Tabitha Philen founded the Inspired Blogger Network, which dedicated to bringing together bloggers that use their blogs to make the world a better place and provide support for each other. Additionally, they also work to build connections between brands and bloggers.

Jessica Rhodes:

Jessica Rhodes is the Founder and CEO of Interview Connections, a business that helps podcasts locate and book excellent guests for their shows. Also, she is a podcaster, entrepreneur, and author.

Toni Anderson:

Known as the Happy Housewife, Toni Anderson is the founder of a blog with that namesake. Additionally, she started the blog to help others who wanted to better manage their homes, including their budgets. She shares her own experiences and that of other moms that offer their own tips and tricks.

Nick Loper:

Nick Loper is an entrepreneur involved in many projects, which serve as the basis for his blog and podcast known as Side Hustle Nation. He teaches people how they can work for themselves and have a better quality of life.

LaTisha Styles:

Similarly, La Tisha Sytyles started her blog as a way to share her own struggles with money with other young people. The blog helps Millennials learn how to invest, budget, use credit wisely, and build a good credit history.

Jason Vitug:

Jason is an entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Phroogal. He is the creator of The Road to Financial Wellness and The Smile Lifestyle Movement. He is also an author and speaker who focuses on Millennial motivation, lifestyle, and personal finance.

Eric Rosenberg:

Eric Rosenberg is a Millennial with a degree in finance who shares his own advice on investing, banking, and lifestyle through his blog, Personal Profitability.

Rosemarie Groner:

Rosemarie Groner is a wife, mother, and blogger, who manages a blog called The Busy Budgeter. Also, her advice focuses on making sure all decisions are financially sound no matter how hectic life becomes.

Kerry Taylor:

Kerry Taylor runs Squawkfox, which is a personal finance blog. She is also a speaker, author, freelancer, and consumer expert. She shares her advice through many different channels.

Robert Farrington:

Robert Farrington is the Founder of The College Investor and is also known as America’s Millennial Money and Student Loan Debt expert. Also, he focuses on helping Millennials get rid of their student debt and generate real wealth.

Joe Saul-Sehy:

Lastly, Joe Saul-Sehy is a former financial advisor and was the “Money Man” at WXYZ-TV in Detroit. Also, he is now the Founder of Stacking Benjamins, a magazine-style podcast about money management and investing.

While these aren’t everyone you should know at Fincon, this is a start towards getting to know the main people!

Here’s to a successful Fincon!

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