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William H. Gross


William H. Gross is not a financial term but a renowned financial figure. He is an American investor and fund manager, often referred to as the “King of Bonds,” who co-founded Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO). He managed one of the world’s largest mutual funds, focusing on bonds and fixed income investments.


The phonetics of the keyword “William H. Gross” would be:- William: /ˈwɪl.jəm/- H: /ˈeɪʧ/- Gross: /ɡroʊs/

Key Takeaways

  1. William H. Gross is widely regarded as one of the most successful and influential figures in the field of bond investing. He co-founded Pacific Investment Management Co (PIMCO) in 1971 and was its Chief Investment Officer until he left in 2014.
  2. Gross, frequently dubbed the “bond king” , has been acknowledged for his innovative investment strategies and for helping pioneer tools such as collateralized mortgage obligations. His unique tactics have earned him recognition as one of the top global investors.
  3. In addition to his financial achievements, Gross has also made a name for himself as a philanthropist. He has donated millions of dollars to various medical research endeavors, educational institutions, and other charitable causes, showcasing his commitment to giving back to the community.


William H. Gross is a crucial name in the world of finance and business due to his significant contributions as an investor and fund manager. He is the co-founder of PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company), one of the world’s largest asset management firms. Gross is recognized for his pioneering work in fixed income investing and is popularly known as the “King of Bonds.” His strategies and insights immensely influence financial markets, making him a key figure. He is especially associated with an investment tool called the Total Return Fund which became one of the world’s largest mutual funds under his management. Therefore, understanding William H. Gross’s work is vital in studying financial and investment trends.


William H. Gross, often referred to as “Bill Gross” , is a prominent figure in the field of finance and investment, recognized for his foundational contribution to fixed income investment strategies. Having made his mark in the finance industry through his innovative financial theories and investment strategies, Gross co-founded Pacific Investment Management Company (PIMCO) in 1971. His unique approach to bond investing altered the landscape of the finance industry drastically, making him a significant influence worldwide.At PIMCO, Gross led the company’s $270 billion Total Return Fund, which became one of the world’s largest mutual funds under his guidance and set unrivaled records for fund performance. His emphasis on complete return investment strategies made him an influential authority in bond investments. Recognized as the “King of Bonds” , Gross’ work primarily revolves around the management and investment of bond funds to aid corporations, organizations, and individuals in securing their financial future. His strategies focus on maximizing total return on investments, especially when conventional income sources fail to generate expected yields, serving as crucial financial buffers during times of economic uncertainty.


1. PIMCO (Pacific Investment Management Company): In 1971, William H. Gross co-founded PIMCO, a leading global investment management firm. Under his leadership as Chief Investment Officer, PIMCO grew tremendously and became renowned for its fixed-income management specialty. PIMCO’s Total Return Fund, which Gross managed, was once the world’s largest mutual fund.2. Janus Henderson Group: After leaving PIMCO, Bill Gross joined Janus Capital Group, later known as Janus Henderson Group, in late 2014 to manage the Janus Henderson Global Unconstrained Bond Fund. While at Janus Henderson, Gross made several controversial and high-risk investment decisions that ultimately led to inconsistent fund performance and significant fluctuations.3. Philanthropic Activities: Aside from his financial business activities, Gross and his ex-wife Sue are considered among the biggest philanthropists in America. They have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to various causes, including healthcare, education, and foundations for the underprivileged. Their work in philanthropy showcases Gross’s other application of his wealth and influence in the business/finance world.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is William H. Gross?

William H. Gross is a prominent American investor and fund manager, often referred to as the King of Bonds. He co-founded Pacific Investment Management (PIMCO) and managed its Total Return fund until he left in 2014. He is known for his expertise in fixed income investments.

What is William Gross known for in the finance industry?

Gross is most notably known for co-founding PIMCO, one of the world’s largest mutual funds, and for his innovative and profitable management of bonds and other fixed income investments.

Where did William H. Gross manage after his tenure at PIMCO?

After leaving PIMCO, Gross joined Janus Capital Group (which was subsequently renamed as Janus Henderson), managing a relatively small mutual fund focusing on fixed income assets until his retirement in 2019.

What is William H. Gross’s investment philosophy?

Gross became famous for a predominantly conservative investment style, focusing on preserving capital and steady returns rather than high-risk, high-reward strategies. He believes in the importance of stable income streams and risk management.

When did William H. Gross retire?

William H. Gross announced his retirement from professional money management in early 2019.

How successful was William H. Gross?

Gross was widely considered one of the most successful and influential bond investors of all time. Under his management, PIMCO’s Total Return Fund was the world’s largest mutual fund and delivered consistently high returns.

What philanthropic efforts has William H. Gross been involved in?

Gross and his ex-wife Sue have been generous philanthropists, giving millions to various causes such as medicine, education, and efforts to combat poverty.

Is there any published work by William H. Gross?

Yes, Gross is known for his investment outlook newsletter that he began writing while at PIMCO and continued at Janus Henderson. These letters often mix financial advice with personal anecdotes and insights.

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