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VeChain is a blockchain platform designed to enhance supply chain management and business processes. Its goal is to streamline these processes and provide real-time tracking of products and goods to ensure authenticity and prevent counterfeit. It uses VeChain Tokens (VET) as a store and transfer of value within the blockchain ecosystem.


The phonetics of the keyword “VeChain” is: /ˈviːtʃeɪn/

Key Takeaways

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Business Ecosystem Oriented: Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, VeChain is focused on providing enterprise-level solutions, aiming to connect blockchain technology to real-world business processes. It has partnerships with various corporations, contributing to implementing blockchain applications in sectors such as luxury goods, food safety, and automotive.

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Two Different Tokens System: The VeChain blockchain uses a two-token system. The VeChain Token (VET) is used to transfer value across the network, and the VeThor Token (VTHO) is used to power transactions. This system seeks to separate the cost of using the blockchain from market speculation.

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Scalability and Flexibility: Thanks to its unique consensus protocol called Proof of Authority, VeChain is capable of having high throughput and flexible control. It allows the network to achieve higher scalability and self-manage various blockchain parameters through on-chain governance tools.



VeChain is an important term in business/finance as it refers to a highly-regarded blockchain platform designed for enhancing supply chain management and business processes. Its primary goal is to streamline these processes and information flow for complex supply chains through the use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). VeChain provides a 360-degree view of necessary information linked to a product and its business processes, such as storage, transportation, and supply, thus allowing for greater transparency, traceability, and efficiency. This platform has gained recognition in various industries, such as fashion, wine, automobile, and agriculture, amongst others, playing a crucial role in the digitalization of various businesses and shaping a trust-free and distributed ecosystem for businesses.


The purpose of VeChain revolves around establishing the trustless and transparent flow of information to promote high speed value transferring. VeChain is a blockchain-powered supply chain platform that started in 2015 and launched officially in June 2016. VeChain aims to use distributed governance and IoT (Internet of Things) technology to create an ecosystem that solves some of the major problems with supply chain management. The platform uses a dual-token system, comprising of VeChain Token (VET) for transactions and VeChainThor Energy (VTHO) as energy or gas to power transactions.For businesses, VeChain is utilized for a multitude of purposes including product lifecycle management, supply chain process control, and data deposit storage. This entails tracking and verifying the authenticity of products, supply chain management, quality assurance, and more. Essentially, with the VeChain platform, companies can track all kinds of things, reduce product counterfeiting and improve product safety, amongst other benefits. This allows for greater transparency and improved efficiency in supply chains. VeChain has already found a wide range of real-world applications, from wine bottle verifiers to carbon credits and automobile passports.


VeChain is a blockchain platform designed to enhance supply chain management and business processes. It aims to streamline these processes and information flow for complex supply chains through the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Here are three real-world examples of how VeChain has been used in business and finance:1. Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform: VeChain partnered with Walmart China, PwC, Inner Mongolia Kerchin, and the China Chain-Store & Franchise Association in 2019 to establish a traceability platform on the VeChainThor Blockchain. This system updates product data in the blockchain in real-time which allows the product to be tracked throughout its whole lifecycle. It helps to build consumer trust and is particularly useful in ensuring food safety.2. BMW VerifyCar Application: BMW also collaborated with VeChain to develop a dApp called VerifyCar for BMW cars. This app collects and stores data such as mileage, insurance, and service records of vehicles on the VeChainThor Blockchain. The app gives car owners full control over their data and can help combat mileage fraud.3. Shanghai Gas and ENN Energy Holdings: In 2018, VeChain partnered with Shanghai Gas and ENN Energy Holdings to pilot blockchain-enabled Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) solution. The project revolved around the enhancement of quality assurance, classification standards, weighing practices, and transportation methods in the LNG industry using VeChain blockchain technology.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is VeChain?

VeChain is a blockchain platform designed to enhance supply chain management and business processes. Its goal is to streamline these processes and information flow for complex supply chains through the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

How does VeChain work?

VeChain works by leveraging blockchain technology to provide transparency and security to the entire supply chain process. It utilizes tamper-proof and distributed ledger technology, ensuring data authenticity and reliability.

What is VeChain Token (VET)?

VET is the native cryptocurrency of the VeChain platform. It is used for financial transactions within the network and as a staking mechanism for generating another type of token – VeChainThor Energy (VTHO) – which is used to power transactions and applications on the network.

Does VeChain have partnerships with businesses?

Yes, VeChain has partnerships with prominent businesses including PwC, Renault Group, and China Unicom among others. These partnerships aid in the implementation of its supply chain management technology.

What makes VeChain unique?

VeChain is unique in its dual-token setup: VET and VTHO. VET is used to transfer value across the network, and the VTHO token is used to power transactions. This system ensures that demand for one token does not directly impact the other, thereby maintaining stability.

How can I buy VeChain (VET)?

You can buy VET on various cryptocurrency exchanges that include Binance, KuCoin, Huobi, and others. You will need to create an account on the exchange, deposit funds, and then you can proceed to purchase VET.

How can I store VET tokens?

VET tokens can be stored in any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens such as MyEtherWallet. Additionally, VeChain also offers the VeChainThor Wallet that you can download for Android and iOS devices.

How secure is VeChain?

VeChain uses advanced security protocols and technologies, including Proof of Authority consensus algorithm, to secure its network. However, like any other digital platform, users must also adopt good security practices to protect their assets.

How is VeChain being used in businesses today?

VeChain’s blockchain technology is leveraged in various sectors such as fashion, wine, automobile, food safety, carbon emission reduction, and more. It provides businesses with solutions for product lifecycle management, data security, and supply chain process control.

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