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Unscheduled Property Floater


An Unscheduled Property Floater is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for personal property items that are not individually listed or specifically mentioned in the standard property insurance policies. It typically covers valuable items like jewelry, fine arts, collectibles, and electronics, among others. The coverage usually protects against all risks of loss subject to certain exclusions.


The phonetics of the keyword “Unscheduled Property Floater” would be: “ʌn-ˈske-juːld ˈprɒ-pər-tee floʊ-tər”.

Key Takeaways

1. Comprehensive Coverage: The Unscheduled Property Floater is designed to provide a comprehensive range of coverage for personal possessions. Unlike standard insurance policies that only cover specific items, this type of policy can protect a wide array of valuables. This includes items such as furs, jewelry, cameras, musical instruments, silverware, etc. The comprehensive nature of this policy gives peace of mind to policyholders, knowing that their valuable collections are insured.

2. Worldwide Protection: Another key takeaway from the Unscheduled Property Floater is that it provides worldwide protection. This means that regardless of where the policyholder is, be it at home, on a vacation, or a business trip, their valuables are covered against damage, loss, or theft. This worldwide coverage feature expands the scope of protection provided by traditional home insurance policies.

3. No Deductible: Unlike many other insurance policies, the Unscheduled Property Floater has no deductible. This means, in the event of a loss, the reimbursement from the insurance company wouldn’t be lessened by any pre-determined amount. This gives the policyholder the full value of their loss, up to the limits of the policy.


The Unscheduled Property Floater is a significant business and finance term as it refers to an insurance policy that provides coverage for personal property items that are either high-value or difficult to specifically categorize. These items can include certain types of jewelry, artwork, or technological devices, among others. Unlike other policies that predefine or “schedule” the individual items covered, an unscheduled property floater allows greater flexibility by covering unlisted items up to a certain maximum limit. This makes it an important tool for individuals or businesses that have a large number of valuable items whose value might not be individually significant enough to schedule, but collectively constitute a financial risk worth insuring against.


An Unscheduled Property Floater serves a crucial role in extending the coverage of an insurance policy, specifically for personal items that hold significant value. This type of floater insurance is often utilized to safeguard high-value assets such as jewelry, artwork, antique furniture, or other prized possessions that might not be adequately covered under a typical homeowners or renter’s insurance policy. Essentially, items that are not specifically listed or “scheduled” on an existing insurance policy can be shielded under the umbrella of an Unscheduled Property Floater, giving homeowners peace of mind that their valuable personal property is protected against various potential damages or loss scenarios. The primary purpose of an Unscheduled Property Floater is to provide comprehensive coverage and ensure the full financial protection of personal possessions that could otherwise cause devastating economic loss. This specialized insurance policy option offers a broader, all-risk coverage, and it is not confined to the boundaries of the owner’s home. Therefore, it covers property losses resulting from virtually any cause, at any location, whether it’s damage, theft, or loss during travel, for instance. Without the Unscheduled Property Floater in place, policyholders would be inadequately insured, leading to a significant financial burden in the event of a loss. Therefore, its use is essential for those with high-value possessions outside the regular scope of their standard insurance coverage.


Unscheduled Property Floater is a type of insurance policy covering possessions that are not listed individually on a policy. Here are three real-world examples regarding the usage of this term:1. Personal Items: An individual could have an unscheduled property floater as a part of their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance for items such as clothing, appliances, and household gadgets. Since these items are typically not listed individually in the policy, the floater will cover them in case of unexpected events like theft or damage.2. Art Galleries: Art pieces can vary significantly in their value and it might be difficult to itemize all of them on an insurance policy. Therefore, an art gallery could make use of an unscheduled property floater to cover the entirety of its exhibited collection, instead of listing each piece individually.3. Small Businesses: A small business owner, such as a restaurant owner, might not be able to list every item in their establishment (like kitchen equipment, utensils, furniture, etc.). An unscheduled property floater can provide coverage for these items, thus ensuring the business is protected in the event of unforeseen incidents. It’s important to note that policies and regulations can differ based on insurance companies and geographical location. It’s always recommended to closely review insurance policies and consult with an insurance professional for personalized advice.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is an Unscheduled Property Floater?

An Unscheduled Property Floater is a type of insurance policy that covers items not specifically listed on the regular policy. It provides broad coverage for things such as jewelry, antiques, artwork, and other valuable items that aren’t covered in standard policies.

How does an Unscheduled Property Floater work?

An Unscheduled Property Floater works by giving the policyholder a set limit which can be used for any of their high-value items that aren’t specified in their standard insurance plan. This ensures that these items are protected and can be replaced or repaired in the event of a loss.

Why do I need an Unscheduled Property Floater?

This form of policy is essential if you own valuable items that aren’t covered under regular homeowner’s insurance. It provides an extra layer of protection for your possessions, ensuring you’re covered in the event of unforeseen damage or loss.

What items can be covered by an Unscheduled Property Floater?

Items such as jewelry, fine art, musical instruments, silverware, antiques, furs, cameras, rare books, and other valuable or irreplaceable items can be covered under an Unscheduled Property Floater.

Is the Unscheduled Property Floater expensive to add to my current policy?

The cost of adding an Unscheduled Property Floater to your existing policy will depend on the insurance company as well as the total value of the items you wish to cover. It is typically an affordable addition to your policy for the added comfort and protection it provides.

What’s the difference between an Unscheduled Property Floater and a Scheduled Personal Property endorsement?

A Scheduled Personal Property endorsement is where specific items are listed, or scheduled, with individual values. An Unscheduled Property Floater, on the other hand, covers a broader spectrum of items but up to a certain combined limit–these items do not need to be listed individually.

Are there any limitations to an Unscheduled Property Floater?

Yes, like any insurance policy, the Unscheduled Property Floater does have limitations. Though it covers a broad range of items, it has a cap or limit, so any item valued over this limit might not be fully covered. This policy also doesn’t cover every event. Always check the terms and conditions of your policy for any exclusions.

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