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Shooting Star


A shooting star is a type of candlestick pattern used in technical analysis to predict a potential price reversal to the downside. It appears in an uptrend and indicates that the price opened and closed at the same level, but reached a higher level during the trading period. The pattern visually resembles a shooting star, hence the name.


The phonetic transcription of “Shooting Star” in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is /ˈʃuːtɪŋ stɑːr/.

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  1. Definition: A shooting star, scientifically known as a meteor, is not actually a star. It is the visible path of a meteoroid that enters Earth’s atmosphere and burns up, creating a bright trail in the sky.
  2. Frequency: Shooting stars are not rare and can often be seen on any given night. However, during a meteor shower, one might see a higher number of shooting stars. The best time to see shooting stars is after midnight and before dawn.
  3. Composition: Shooting stars, or meteors, consist primarily of dust and rocks. As they enter the Earth’s atmosphere at high speeds, the friction with the air causes them to heat up and light up as they burn, creating the characteristic streak of light.

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The business/finance term, “Shooting Star,” is important as it serves as a crucial indicator in technical analysis, primarily used by traders in predicting potential price reversals in financial markets. This term refers to a specific type of bearish candlestick pattern, observed in price charts of financial assets, such as stocks, indexes, or commodities. The shooting star pattern typically occurs when a security opens, trades significantly higher, then closes near its opening price, forming a small body with a long upper shadow. This suggests that buyers initially pushed prices up, but sellers ultimately overpowered them, driving prices back down and indicating the potential onset of a downward trend. Thus, recognizing a shooting star helps traders to make strategic investment decisions and manage risk effectively.


In the realm of finance and business, particularly in technical analysis of financial market trends, a Shooting Star is a crucial tool employed by traders and analysts to predict potential price reversals. It’s a type of candlestick pattern that appears on price charts, which signals the potential end of an uptrend. This helps traders to make informed decisions about buying, selling, or holding their stocks. The pattern is characterized by a small lower body with a long upper shadow and signifies a period where the market opened and closed at a low, but the price was driven up at some point during that time.The primary purpose of the Shooting Star is to aid in the identification of situations where the market sentiment may be shifting from bullish to bearish. This is critical to making investment decisions. The appearance of a shooting star can indicate to traders that the bulls may be losing control and a trend reversal to the downside could be imminent. Therefore, the shooting star is mainly used as an alert mechanism, allowing traders to prepare for potential selling opportunities or even stop buying, with the aim of not being caught in a bear market. Essentially, it functions as a risk management tool, helping minimize losses while maximizing potential profits in trading.


The term “Shooting Star” in finance refers to a type of candlestick pattern that indicates a potential price reversal. It’s a bearish signal which suggests that a price peak or resistance level has been met. Below, I’ll provide you with some real-world instances where “Shooting Star” patterns were observed.1. Bitcoin in December 2017: Back in December 2017, Bitcoin saw a significant shooting star pattern on the chart. The cryptocurrency’s value climbed aggressively and reached an all-time high nearing $20,000, but then retraced dramatically over the next few days, leaving a shooting star candlestick pattern. This indicated a bearish reversal and indeed Bitcoin price fell drastically in the succeeding months.2. The Dot-com Bubble in 2000: Ahead of the dot-com bust, many tech stocks reflected the shooting star pattern. Companies like Yahoo and Amazon experienced significant growth, but this rapid ascension was followed by a major price pullback, mirrored in the shooting star candlestick pattern, hinting the bearish reversal.3. Wall Street Crash of 1929: In the days leading up to the Wall Street Crash of 1929, several shooting star patterns were seen. Stocks were climbing to unprecedented highs, then they dropped sharply. This was due to excessive speculation coupled with panic selling, which led to a massive market crash known as the Great Depression.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a Shooting Star in the financial context?

A Shooting Star is a type of candlestick chart pattern used in technical analysis that indicates a potential price top and reversal.

How does a Shooting Star pattern look like?

It’s characterized by a small body at the lower end with a long upper shadow and little to no lower shadow, resembling a shooting star.

What does a Shooting Star pattern indicate in trading?

A Shooting Star pattern suggests that the buyers drove prices up during the session but by the close, the price fell back to near where they started. This can indicate the potential for a price drop.

Are Shooting Star patterns a definitive sign of market trends?

Not necessarily. While these patterns can provide indications, it’s best to use them in combination with other forms of technical analysis to confirm trends.

Is Shooting Star a bullish or bearish pattern?

A Shooting Star is generally considered a bearish pattern, signaling that there could be a top, and the price might start to fall.

Can a Shooting Star pattern appear in all time frames?

Yes, a Shooting Star pattern can appear on any time frame chart, though it is usually perceived as more significant on larger time frames.

How reliable is the Shooting Star pattern?

Its reliability can depend on the overall market trends and other confirmation factors. It’s essential to use other technical analysis tools in conjunction with Shooting Stars for a more accurate prediction.

How should a trader respond when they see a shooting star pattern?

If a trader sees a shooting star pattern, they may consider it as a signal to possibly exit a long position or enter a short position, anticipating a potential decrease in the asset’s price. However, this should always be based on other indicators and the trader’s risk tolerance.

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