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Options Industry Council (OIC)


The Options Industry Council (OIC) is an industry cooperative funded by various U.S. options exchanges and the Options Clearing Corporation. It was established in 1992 to educate investors and the public about the benefits and risks associated with trading options. The OIC offers resources including webinars, courses, and interactive tools aimed at enhancing individuals’ understanding of options.


The phonetics of “Options Industry Council (OIC)” would be: “ɑp-shəns ɪn-dəs-tri kʌn-səl (oh-ai-see)”

Key Takeaways

  1. The Options Industry Council (OIC) is a leading provider of free and unbiased options information aimed at educating individual investors, financial advisors and institutions. This way, they can understand and wisely apply options strategies.
  2. Founded in 1992, the OIC’s aim is to increase the awareness, knowledge and responsible use of exchange-listed equity options among a global audience of investors—including the investing public, financial advisors and institutional managers—by providing independent, unbiased education and practical knowledge.
  3. The OIC is sponsored by OCC, the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organization, who work in conjunction with U.S. options exchanges and other key industry influencers. This collective effort ensures updated and accurate information providing by the OIC.


The Options Industry Council (OIC) plays a critical role in the financial world as an industry cooperative that provides education and information about the benefits and risks associated with trading options. As a resource funded by the options exchanges and OCC, it is significant because it provides unbiased, free of charge education to the investing public, financial advisors, and brokers. Investors can learn various risk management strategies and deepen their knowledge about the complex financial instruments, which can help in making informed investment decisions. Additionally, it helps improve transparency, foster compliance, and promote fair play within the options industry, thus boosting investor confidence. So, its role in educating the masses and promoting ethical practices is what makes OIC an important entity in the business/finance realm.


The Options Industry Council (OIC) was established in 1992 as a not-for-profit organization to promote education and increase awareness about options, a type of financial derivative. This organization’s purpose is to provide tools and resources to investors both institutional and individual, also to financial advisors to help them understand and confidently use options. They aim to promote the responsible use of options to manage risk, generate income and enhance investment returns.With a wide array of educational tools and resources, OIC’s primary purpose is to ethically educate individuals about the benefits and risks associated with trading options. This involves organizing seminars, developing online training programs, and publishing educational materials. Through these efforts, OIC seeks to improve the transparency of options markets and encourage responsible trading practices. The ultimate goal of OIC is to enhance market efficiency and investor protection within the options community.


1. Charles Schwab Corporation: This multinational financial services company could use the resources provided by the Options Industry Council to train their employees, especially those running the trading departments. The expert-backed educational materials help them to better understand various aspects of options trading. Therefore, the OIC directly impacts the operation and success of such businesses in the financial sector.2. Goldman Sachs Options Trading Department: Large investment banks like Goldman Sachs are involved heavily in options trading. The Options Industry Council can play a crucial role here by providing necessary information and educational resources to traders. It may help the traders to make informed decisions pertaining to trading strategies, hedging tactics, or even compliance issues.3. University Finance Programs: Universities that offer finance as a major could use the OIC as a platform for students to learn about options trading. For instance, a professor might recommend that their students visit the OIC’s website to access webinars, podcasts, online courses and other literature provided by the council. Such real-world industry knowledge can give students a competitive edge when they graduate and start working. It can also help those interested in options trading to learn the ropes before delving into the market independently.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Options Industry Council (OIC)?

The Options Industry Council (OIC) is an industry cooperative funded by the U.S. options exchanges and OCC. It provides educational content, tools, and other resources for individuals wishing to learn about options trading, including seminars, videos, and literature.

What is the main purpose of the Options Industry Council (OIC)?

The main purpose of the OIC is to educate investors and the general public about the benefits and risks associated with trading options.

How can I access the resources provided by the OIC?

You can access the resources provided by the OIC by visiting their official website. They offer a variety of resources, including webinars, online courses, podcasts, videos, and literature.

Does the Options Industry Council (OIC) offer face-to-face training?

Yes, the OIC organizes seminars and other in-person educational events. However, due to the current global situation, many of these may be held virtually.

Is the educational content provided by the Options Industry Council (OIC) free?

Yes, most of the educational content and resources provided by the OIC are free. They are designed to help individuals understand the complexities of options trading.

What kind of topics does the OIC cover in their educational content?

The OIC covers a wide range of topics in their educational content, including basics of options trading, advanced options strategies, options pricing, and market volatility among others.

I am a beginner in options trading. Is the OIC a good starting point?

Absolutely. The OIC provides comprehensive educational materials for both beginners and advanced traders. Their options education program covers everything from basic concepts to complex trading strategies.

How does the OIC maintain its operations?

The OIC is funded by the U.S. options exchanges and OCC. It does not charge individuals for most of its educational materials and resources.

Can I trust the information provided by the Options Industry Council (OIC)?

Yes, the OIC is well respected in the financial industry and its materials are widely recognised for their accuracy and comprehensiveness. However, like all financial information, it’s important to use it as a starting point and consult with a financial advisor or do further research when making investment decisions.

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