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Option Series


An Option Series refers to a range of options contracts offering similar characteristics and grouped together for trading. These options have the same underlying security, expiration date, and strike price. Most commonly, it refers to all puts or all calls on a specific underlying instrument with the same expiration date.


The phonetic transcription of “Option Series” is:Option: /ˈɒp.ʃən/Series: /ˈsɪər.iːz/

Key Takeaways

  1. Definition: An option series refers to a roster of all the call options or all the put options that are available for a particular trading period on a particular underlying security. These options share the same security but have different strike prices or expiration dates.
  2. Pricing: The pricing of the options in a series can be quite diverse, as the prices are influenced by key factors including time till expiration, underlying security’s price, strike price, volatility, interest rates and dividends. The understanding and prediction of these factors are essential for successful option trading.
  3. Strategy: Option series can be used in various trading strategies. Traders can take advantage of price discrepancies within an option series through arbitrage, or can manipulate a series to create specific pay-off scenarios. It’s also a key component in hedging, where options are used to limit potential loss.


An Option Series is important in the realm of business and finance because it represents a range of identical options contracts that share a common underlying asset. Each option in the series typically differs only by its exercise or strike price, making these instruments valuable for strategies that depend on price differentiation. They are critical for investors and traders as they provide the flexibility to predetermine the buy or sell price of an underlying asset, thereby limiting potential losses and positioning for potential gains. Furthermore, an option series can provide insights into market expectations regarding future price volatility of the underlying asset. Thus, an option series plays a pivotal role in risk management, speculative activities, and market analysis.


The purpose of an Option Series in finance or business lays primarily within the realm of strategic financial investments and risk management. An option series can provide investors a structured way to hedge against potential price movements in underlying assets, such as stocks, bonds, or commodities. Since each option series presents the same type, strike price, and expiration date but only differentiates in terms of its premium cost, they provide a valuable avenue for investors to buy or sell underlying assets at a predetermined price within a specified time frame. Moreover, the use of an option series, whether it be call options (buy) or put options (sell), enables the investor to manage and control the level of risk exposure, and potentially benefit from future price fluctuations. Furthermore, the utility of an option series extends to the flexibility it offers investors in executing their investment strategies. Traders can combine various option contracts (i.e., various option series) to build a diversified portfolio, thereby potentially amplifying their profit margins or conversely, mitigating potential losses. For instance, an investor may purchase multiple option series with different expiration dates to stagger their investments, spreading the risk of price fluctuation over time. In summary, an option series acts as a tool in crafting tailored investment strategies, providing investors a degree of control over their assets and their financial trajectories.


Option series generally refers to a choices of options of the same class (put or call), the same security, and the same expiration month. Here are three examples:1. Stock Options: Microsoft Corporation offers various option series on its shares. For instance, if an investor predicts that Microsoft’s shares will rise in the upcoming three months, they could purchase a call option series for those months. This provides the investor the right to purchase Microsoft’s shares at a specific price during that period.2. Commodity Options: A petrol retailer expects the price of crude oil to increase over the next six months. They might choose to purchase a call option series for crude oil futures for those months in order to lock in a set price. This helps them maintain consistent costs and protect profit margins, even if the price of crude oil goes up.3. Currency Options: A US company anticipates the USD to weaken against the Euro in the next year. To protect themselves against potential losses from future payments to the European suppliers, they might buy a put option series on the Euro/USD currency pair for that period. If the USD weakens, they can exercise their options at the more favorable exchange rate specified in the contract.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is an Option Series?

An Option Series refers to all the options of a particular class that share the same unit of trade, expiration date, and strike price.

What are the main elements that describe an Option Series?

The main elements that define an Option Series are the underlying asset, date of expiration, the strike price, and the type of option (either a call or a put).

Can an Option Series involve different types of options?

Not typically. Each Option Series usually includes options of the same type, say all calls or all puts. Differences usually lie within the strike prices and expiration dates.

What does the strike price in an Option Series mean?

The strike price in an Option Series is the price at which the underlying asset can be bought or sold. The strike price is determined at the time the option is granted.

How often do Option Series expire?

This varies depending on the specifics of the option. Some may expire monthly, while others may expire quarterly or annually.

What is the significance of an Option Series in finance?

An Option Series helps traders and investors to see all the available options for a particular asset in one place. This can be critical in making decisions about where and how to invest.

Can an Option Series be for assets other than stocks?

Yes, an Option Series can be for many types of assets including stocks, indices, foreign currencies, commodities and others.

Is an Option Series the same as a stock series?

No, an Option Series refers specifically to options and not stocks. While both have similar characteristics such as underlying assets and strike prices, the main difference is that options give the right to buy or sell, while buying a stock would involve direct ownership.

Who uses the Option Series?

Option Series are mainly used by options traders, risk managers, hedgers, arbitrageurs, and investors who wish to understand possible future investment scenarios.

: How does volatility affect an Option Series?

The volatility of the underlying asset can greatly affect the prices of the options within the series. A higher volatility usually leads to higher cost of options as it signifies greater risk.

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