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Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (OTPPB)


The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (OTPPB) is a Canada-based independent organization responsible for handling pension funds and investing for teachers in Ontario. The institution, one of the world’s largest institutional investors, invests and administers the pensions of active and retired teachers in Ontario. OTPPB’s investment portfolio covers a broad range of assets across diverse fields like public and private equities, commodities, infrastructure, and real estate.


Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (OTPPB) would phonetically be pronounced as:Ontario: Awn-ter-ee-ohTeachers”: Tee-chersPension: Pen-shuhnPlan: PlænBoard: Bawrd(OTPPB): Oh-tee-pee-pee-bee

Key Takeaways


  1. The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (OTPPB) is a major public pension plan in Canada, responsible for administering pensions for the province’s public school teachers. It is one of the largest pension plans in the country and even ranks globally, highlighting its substantial influence over financial markets.
  2. OTPPB operates on a fiduciary duty to ensure the best possible returns for its members. Their investment strategy is diversified across a wide range of asset classes, including stocks, bonds, real estate, and infrastructure. Each investment decision is weighed carefully with a long-term view in mind, considering market trends and potential risks.
  3. OTPPB is committed to responsible investing and corporate governance practices. They not only aim at financial returns, but also take into account environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in the decision-making process. This reflects Ontario Teachers’ dedication to sustainable investing practices and to contributing to a more sustainable global economy.



The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (OTPPB) is crucial due to its significant role in investing and administering the pensions of Ontario’s active and retired teachers. It is one of the largest and most influential institutional investment powers globally. The huge scale of the fund allows it to make substantial investments in a diversified array of assets across different sectors both domestically and internationally. Its investment strategies and decisions, therefore, can have a significant impact on the markets and sectors it invests in. Lastly, the financial health and stability of OTPPB is vital to ensure the retirement security of thousands of Ontario’s teachers.


The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (OTPPB) is a crucial institution that administers pensions and invests plan assets on behalf of its members, who are primarily school teachers from the province of Ontario in Canada. The OTPPB’s primary purpose is to provide a secure and sustainable retirement income to its members. This means they oversee not only the process of accruing and deeming benefits to members but ensuring that these funds’ long-term growth aligns with future retirement income needs. The fund is contributory, which means members pay into this investment pool throughout their working life in anticipation of withdrawal upon retirement. Yet, the OTPPB isn’t merely a pension fund but an active investment entity. It’s one of Canada’s largest institutional investors, handling a diversified portfolio that spans numerous asset classes and industries worldwide. Under the OTPPB’s stewardship, the assets contributed by members are invested through a sprawling, globally focused approach. Its areas of investment include public and private equities, fixed income instruments, inflation-sensitive assets, and alternative investments. These revenue-generating endeavors are geared towards ensuring the promised pensions pay out in full and on time, thus providing its affiliated teachers with reliable financial security during their retirement.


1. Example 1: Acquisition of Heartland Dental: In December of 2017, OTPPB, alongside KKR, a private equity firm, agreed to acquire a majority stake in Heartland Dental, the largest dental support organization in the U.S. This was a direct example of OTPPB’s global, diversified portfolio of investments, which include direct investments in private equity, venture capital, infrastructure, and real estate transactions.2. Example 2: Burberry Stake: In 2017, the OTPPB purchased a significant stake in British luxury goods brand Burberry. The investment was made as an opportunity to help enhance the overall returns of the pension fund.3. Example 3: Infrastructure Investment in Europe: OTPPB invested in GCT Global Container Terminals Inc., a leading global container terminal operator, in 2016. This transaction expanded OTPPB’s portfolio into valuable international infrastructure assets, highlighting the Board’s strategy to invest in high-performing businesses with strong management teams globally. The investment also showed the OTPPB’s commitment to securing the retirement futures of Ontario’s teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (OTPPB)?

The Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board (OTPPB) is an independent organization responsible for administering pensions and investing the pension fund for Ontario’s public school teachers.

What is the purpose of the OTPPB?

The primary purpose of the OTPPB is to provide retirement income to eligible members and to manage the investments of the pension fund in order to ensure a comfortable retirement for Ontario’s teachers.

Who are the members of the OTPPB?

The members of the OTPPB are active and retired teachers from Ontario’s publicly funded schools.

How does the OTPPB invest its funds?

The OTPPB prudently invests its funds in a range of assets across different regions and industries. These investment strategies are used to generate strong returns and help secure the future pensions of the plan members.

How are the benefits under the OTPPB calculated?

The benefits under the OTPPB are calculated based on a defined benefit formula that considers the member’s highest average salary and years of service in the Ontario public school system.

How does an individual become a member of the OTPPB?

A person becomes a member of the OTPPB by gaining employment as a teacher with a publicly funded school in Ontario. Both part-time and full-time teachers are eligible to join.

What types of pensions does the OTPPB provide?

The OTPPB provides a range of pension options to its members, including a lifetime pension with an optional survivor benefit and a minimum guarantee period.

How to contact the OTPPB?

The OTPPB can be contacted by phone, email or via their official website. They also have a physical office location in Toronto where members can engage with the customer service team.

Is the OTPPB involved in any investment related controversies?

The OTPPB, like any large investment organization, may face issues or controversies related to its investment strategies. The organization takes a proactive approach in managing these controversies and adheres to strict ethical and corporate governance standards.

Does an individual need to remain in Ontario after retirement to receive benefits from OTPPB?

No, you can reside anywhere in the world and continue to receive your pension from the OTPPB as long as you remain eligible by their rules and regulations.

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