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Kicker Pattern


The Kicker Pattern is a technical analysis chart formation used by traders to identify potential trend reversals in the market. It consists of two candlesticks, where the first shows the existing market trend and the second has a gap in the opposite direction, signaling a sudden change in market sentiment. As a result, the Kicker Pattern indicates a strong shift in momentum, and traders often use it as an entry or exit signal for their trades.


The phonetic pronunciation of the keyword “Kicker Pattern” is: /ˈkɪkər ˈpætərn/ Here’s the breakdown: – Kicker: /ˈkɪkər/ – Pattern: /ˈpætərn/

Key Takeaways

  1. Kicker Pattern is a powerful and reliable technical analysis tool in the stock market, helping traders to make informed decisions.
  2. It consists of two candlestick patterns, indicating a potential trend reversal with the first candle representing the previous trend and the second candle opening in the opposite direction.
  3. In order to properly utilize the Kicker Pattern, traders should carefully observe market signals and consider incorporating other technical analysis tools for a complete understanding of market trends.


The Kicker Pattern is important in business and finance because it is a reliable technical analysis tool widely utilized by traders and investors to identify potential reversals in financial markets, such as stocks, commodities, and currencies. The pattern consists of two opposite large price bars that depict a shift in market sentiment, reflecting rapid changes in supply and demand dynamics. Accurately identifying a Kicker Pattern provides traders with valuable insights into prospective opportunities for profitable trading strategies, making it a crucial tool for informed decision-making and risk management in the fast-paced, volatile financial markets.


The Kicker Pattern is a valuable tool employed by traders and investors in the realm of technical analysis, catering to the purpose of identifying potential entry and exit points in the market. It serves as a powerful indicator that reveals possible trend reversals, assisting market participants in making well-informed and timely decisions. Commonly observed in candlestick chart patterns, the Kicker Pattern’s reliability stems from its ability to accurately highlight significant shifts in market sentiment, paving the way for traders to capitalize on new trends or protect their positions from sudden declines in value. In practice, the Kicker Pattern is used to pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities, allowing market participants to ride the wave of a strong trend or mitigate the risks associated with adverse market movements. Through the recognition of bullish and bearish variations of the Kicker Pattern, traders and investors can efficiently allocate their resources and diversify their portfolios, in turn, optimizing their overall financial performance. The versatile nature of the Kicker Pattern serves a broad range of market participants, from short-term day traders to long-term investors, offering insights and signals that are essential in making strategic financial decisions in an ever-changing global financial landscape.


In the context of business and finance, the term “Kicker Pattern” is used to describe a technical analysis signal found in candlestick charting, particularly for trading stocks, currencies, and commodities. When the kicker pattern appears, it often signals a notable change in market sentiments, either from a bullish trend to a bearish one or vice versa. Here are three real-world examples: 1. Example 1: A leading tech company’s stock has been rallying upward for several weeks, and market sentiment is very bullish. The stock price opens higher than the previous day’s close, and the next day, a Kicker Pattern forms. The stock price then declines rapidly, signaling the reversal of the trend from bullish to bearish. Investors who recognized the Kicker Pattern could have acted on this signal and repositioned their portfolios to better manage their risks. 2. Example 2: A popular currency pair (for example, EUR/USD) in the foreign exchange market shows a bearish trend for several days; however, a Kicker Pattern appears on the charts. The trend reverses, and the EUR begins to rally against the USD. Forex traders who recognize this Kicker Pattern can capitalize on the opportunity to buy low and sell high, taking advantage of the market reversal. 3. Example 3: The price of a commodity, such as crude oil, is experiencing a significant decline over some weeks, driven by concerns over excess supply in the market. With the release of new data showing a decrease in production, a strong Kicker Pattern appears on the commodity’s candlestick chart. This serves as a buy signal, indicating a trend reversal and a possible bullish market. Investors and commodity traders who acted on this signal could make considerable profits by buying low and later selling high.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a Kicker Pattern in finance and business?
A Kicker Pattern is a technical analysis chart formation used by traders as a bullish or bearish reversal indicator. It is often found in candlestick patterns, displaying a significant change in market sentiment, and signaling potential trend reversals.
How does a Kicker Pattern form?
A Kicker Pattern forms through two distinct candlesticks. It starts with a strong price gap between the closing price of the first candlestick and the opening price of the second. The second candlestick continues in the opposite direction of the first, signaling a reversal of the previous trend.
Is there a difference between bullish and bearish Kicker Patterns?
Yes, the bullish Kicker Pattern is formed when the second candlestick is a bullish one, signaling potential upward price movement; whereas, the bearish Kicker Pattern occurs when the second candlestick is bearish, indicating a possible downward shift in prices.
How reliable is the Kicker Pattern as an indicator?
The Kicker Pattern is considered a relatively reliable indicator by many technical analysts due to its strong price gap and clear reversal signals. However, as with any technical analysis tool, traders should use it alongside other indicators and analysis methods for more accurate predictions.
Can the Kicker Pattern be applied to all financial markets?
Yes, the Kicker Pattern can be applied to various financial markets, including stocks, commodities, forex, and other tradable assets, as long as there is sufficient price movement to form the pattern.
How can traders identify the Kicker Pattern?
Traders can identify the Kicker Pattern by observing the prominent price gap between the first candlestick’s close and the second candlestick’s open, followed by a strong movement in the opposite direction of the first candlestick. It is essential to keep an eye on the overall market context and relevant news to confirm the pattern’s validity.
Do Kicker Patterns always guarantee a trend reversal?
While the Kicker Pattern is known for its strong reversal signals, no technical indicator can guarantee price movements with absolute certainty. Traders should use the Kicker Pattern in conjunction with other indicators and risk management strategies to ensure profitable trading decisions.

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