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Kazakhstan National Fund


The Kazakhstan National Fund, established in 2000, is a sovereign wealth fund managed by the government of Kazakhstan. Its primary purpose is to ensure the long-term stability of the country’s economy by accumulating and investing revenues from the nation’s vast oil, gas, and mineral resources. The fund acts as a financial buffer against external shocks, maintains fiscal sustainability, and supports socio-economic development in Kazakhstan.


The phonetics for the keyword “Kazakhstan National Fund” in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) are: /kəˈzækstæn næʃənəl fʌnd/

Key Takeaways

    1. The Kazakhstan National Fund is a sovereign wealth fund created to preserve and maintain the country’s oil and gas wealth for future generations. It aims at securing the long-term economic stability of Kazakhstan by investing in various financial instruments and diversifying the national economy.
    2. Established in 2000, the fund’s primary sources of revenue include earnings from oil and gas companies, privatization of state-owned enterprises, taxes, and royalties from natural resource extraction. It acts as a financial cushion, providing a buffer against fluctuations in global commodity prices and reducing the country’s dependence on hydrocarbon revenues.
    3. The management and governance of the Kazakhstan National Fund are overseen by the National Bank of Kazakhstan and various government bodies. Transparency and accountability are prioritized in managing the fund’s assets, with periodic financial reports and audits conducted to monitor performance and ensure compliance with the fund’s objectives.


The Kazakhstan National Fund is important in the business/finance world because it serves as a stabilizing mechanism for Kazakhstan’s economy. Established in 2000, this sovereign wealth fund accumulates revenue from the nation’s abundant natural resources, primarily oil exports. By prudently managing and investing these revenues, the fund aims to reduce the vulnerability of the Kazakh economy to volatile commodity markets, safeguard against external shocks, and promote long-term sustainable growth. Additionally, the Kazakhstan National Fund contributes to intergenerational equity by ensuring that future generations also benefit from the country’s resource wealth. Overall, the fund plays a crucial role in supporting economic stability and driving the development of Kazakhstan.


The Kazakhstan National Fund serves as a vital economic tool for the oil and gas-rich Central Asian nation. Established in the year 2000, the fund’s primary purpose is to shield the economy from sudden fluctuations in global commodity prices, particularly focusing on the volatility of oil and gas markets. Acting as a form of savings for Kazakhstan, the fund invests its resources in a diverse range of financial assets, thereby providing a buffer against adverse economic situations and ensuring long-term financial stability for its citizens. The National Fund’s principle objective is to secure the country’s economic well-being by sustaining a stable revenue flow and maintaining an equilibrium of public funds.

Additionally, the Kazakhstan National Fund aims to achieve intergenerational equity in the distribution of the nation’s resources, ensuring that future generations have access to the wealth generated through its natural resources. The fund accumulates revenue from multiple sources, including taxes and royalties from hydrocarbon extraction, privatization proceeds, contributions from state-owned enterprises, and income accrued through investments. The prudent management of these resources enables the government to finance development projects, foster economic diversification, and reduce the country’s overreliance on non-renewable resources.

Furthermore, the National Fund plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth by launching various programs to improve public infrastructure, support social welfare programs, and invest in human capital development.


The Kazakhstan National Fund is a sovereign wealth fund that aims to stabilize the country’s financial market, accumulate funds for future generations, and ensure the national economy’s sustainable growth. Here are three real-world examples related to the fund:

1. Currency Market Stabilization: In 2015, the Kazakhstan National Fund played a crucial role in stabilizing the tenge, Kazakhstan’s national currency, which faced a rapid devaluation due to falling oil prices and weakened economic ties with Russia. The fund injected billions of dollars into the financial system to support the national currency and maintain market stability.

2. COVID-19 Response: In 2020, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Kazakhstan National Fund was instrumental in providing financial support for the country’s economic recovery. The fund allocated $10 billion to the national budget, helping to finance social security measures, assist in the healthcare response, and support small and medium-sized businesses in need.

3. Investment in Infrastructure Projects: The Kazakhstan National Fund has been actively investing in various sectors of the national economy, particularly in infrastructure projects aimed at improving transport, logistics, and trade. One such example is its investment in the Western Europe-Western China corridor, a major transcontinental transportation route that has enhanced Kazakhstan’s economic integration and opened up new market opportunities for the country.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Kazakhstan National Fund?

The Kazakhstan National Fund, also known as the National Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is a sovereign wealth fund established in 2000 by the Government of Kazakhstan with the primary objective of accumulating and preserving national wealth and ensuring sustainable economic growth in varying global commodity market conditions.

What are the main sources of revenue for the Kazakhstan National Fund?

The fund’s revenue is primarily derived from the export of Kazakhstan’s natural resources, such as oil, gas, and minerals. A portion of these export earnings is allocated to the fund, along with other income streams such as investment returns, privatization proceeds, and budget surpluses.

How is the Kazakhstan National Fund managed?

The Kazakhstan National Fund is managed by the National Bank of Kazakhstan in conjunction with the Kazakhstan Ministry of Finance. It is governed by a set of rules and regulations outlined by the Government of Kazakhstan to maintain the fund’s sustainability and stability.

What is the main purpose of the Kazakhstan National Fund?

The main purpose of the Kazakhstan National Fund is to stabilize the country’s economy by reducing the impact of external economic shocks, such as fluctuations in global commodity prices, supporting long-term economic growth, ensuring intergenerational equity, increasing national savings, and minimizing the risk of resource curse in the country.

How does the Kazakhstan National Fund invest its assets?

The Kazakhstan National Fund invests its assets in a diversified portfolio, which includes foreign government bonds, corporate bonds, equities, and other financial instruments. The investment strategy aims to balance risk and return while preserving the fund’s long-term growth potential.

Is the Kazakhstan National Fund transparent in its operations?

The Kazakhstan National Fund aims to maintain transparency in its operations by providing regular financial statements and updates on the performance of its investments. However, it should be noted that the level of transparency has been criticized by some international organizations and experts.

How does the Kazakhstan National Fund contribute to the country’s economy?

The Kazakhstan National Fund contributes to the country’s economy by being a source of revenue, acting as a stabilizer during economic downturns, and creating a buffer against external financial shocks. The fund also plays a role in financing public infrastructure projects and other socio-economic development initiatives.

Can the assets of the Kazakhstan National Fund be used to finance the national budget?

Yes, the assets of the Kazakhstan National Fund can be utilized to finance the national budget in exceptional cases, such as during economic crises or when oil prices fall significantly. However, the usage of these assets is governed by strict regulations to ensure the fund’s long-term sustainability.

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