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Hyperledger Composer


Hyperledger Composer is an open-source development toolset and framework that enables developers to build blockchain business networks. It simplifies the creation of smart contracts and the development of business networks on top of the blockchain. It’s notably used with Hyperledger Fabric, another project from the Linux Foundation aimed at creating a foundation for developing blockchain systems or applications.


The phonetic pronunciation of “Hyperledger Composer” is: Hai-per-led-jer Com-po-zer

Key Takeaways

<ol><li>Hyperledger Composer is a collection of collaboration tools for constructing blockchain business networks. This permits you to model your business network and combine it with existing systems and data.</li><li>It provides a framework for you to easily define and test the network infrastructure required for your blockchain applications. It supports the rapid development and deployment of blockchain applications, especially in JavaScript and Typescript. </li><li>Hyperledger Composer is also known for its security measures. It employs a permissioned network design, which means that it requires all participants to have an identity backed by a verifiable digital certificate.</li></ol>


Hyperledger Composer is important in the business/finance realm because it simplifies the creation of smart contracts and blockchain networks. As a comprehensive toolset and framework, it allows businesses to leverage the benefits of blockchain technology in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Using Hyperledger Composer, businesses can model their network, generate a REST API for easy integration with existing systems, and quickly create a user-friendly interface. It is therefore a crucial tool for organizations looking to streamline their operations, increase transparency, reduce fraud risk, and contribute to trusted transactions through advanced blockchain solutions.


Hyperledger Composer is a toolset and framework designed to make it easy to develop blockchain applications. The main purpose of Hyperledger Composer is to improve the development and maintenance of such applications, simplifying the programming process involved with creating blockchain networks. It also aims to fast-track the process of creating and deploying blockchain applications, all while providing a manageable way of integrating those applications with existing systems.In terms of use, Hyperledger Composer is generally employed by business persons and developers to create smart contracts and blockchain systems with ease. It allows them to model business networks and incorporate all elements of business such as assets, participants, transactions, etc. It includes built-in support for identity management access control structures, event and transaction processing. So, instead of delving into the nitty-gritty of the technical parameters of blockchain, users can instead focus on “what” blockchain can accomplish for their business, allowing for a streamlined approach to introducing blockchain into their operations.


Hyperledger Composer is an open-source tool for building blockchain business networks. It provides capabilities to develop specific business-centric blockchain applications. Here are three real-world examples where Hyperledger Composer might be used:1. Supply Chain Management: A company might use Hyperledger Composer to develop a blockchain-based supply chain system. This system could be used for tracking the progress of goods as they are produced, transported, and delivered. Businesses dealing with complicated supply chains, like Walmart for instance, can use Hyperledger Composer to reduce fraud and errors, reduce delay, and reduce courier costs. 2. Healthcare: Healthcare businesses could use Hyperledger Composer to build a decentralized system for secure and interoperable health data exchange. It can help to enhance privacy, security and enable the efficient exchange of health records among different players like patients, hospitals, labs and insurers. This robust traceability could reduce fraudulent activities in healthcare.3. Financial Services: Banks and other financial institutions could use Hyperledger Composer to develop services like secure and transparent cross-border payments or efficient processing of trade finance deals. For example, HSBC and ING Bank have reportedly used the technology to digitize and automate the issuance of a Letter of Credit for an international trade transaction, a process which can be paper-heavy and prone to mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Hyperledger Composer?

Hyperledger Composer is a set of collaboration tools used for building blockchain business networks, accelerating the development of smart contracts and their deployment across a distributed ledger.

Who is the creator of Hyperledger Composer?

Hyperledger Composer is a part of the Hyperledger project created by the Linux Foundation.

What is the benefit of using Hyperledger Composer for businesses?

Hyperledger Composer offers businesses a way to simplify and expedite the creation of smart contracts and blockchain applications, allowing for more efficient business processes and operations.

How does Hyperledger Composer work?

Hyperledger Composer provides a modelling language for defining network participants, assets, transactions and access controls. It also provides a set of APIs to interact with the blockchain and a UI for testing and deploying business networks.

Is Hyperledger Composer only compatible with Hyperledger Fabric?

The primary focus of Hyperledger Composer is Hyperledger Fabric. However, it is intended to be blockchain agnostic, meaning it would ideally work with other blockchain platforms too.

What programming languages does Hyperledger Composer support?

Hyperledger Composer predominantly uses JavaScript for creating transaction processor functions.

How secure is Hyperledger Composer?

Hyperledger Composer, like any other Hyperledger project, is highly secure. It leverages the inherent security of the underlying blockchain technology which provides immutability and high levels of data encryption.

Is Hyperledger Composer a free tool?

Yes, as part of the open-source Hyperledger project created by the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Composer is a free tool for businesses to create and manage blockchain networks and applications.

What is the relationship between Hyperledger Composer and smart contracts?

Hyperledger Composer simplifies the process of writing smart contracts. It offers a set of tools that allows developers to create smart contracts in JavaScript, reducing the complexity and time needed to code them from scratch.

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