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Groupon is not a financial term, but rather a company name. It is an e-commerce marketplace which connects subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods, and services at a discount. These discounts come in the form of coupons which the company promotes, hence the name Groupon, blending “group” and “coupon”.


The phonetic spelling of the keyword “Groupon” is /ˈɡruːpɒn/.

Key Takeaways

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  1. Groupon is an American e-commerce marketplace that connects subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods, and services in 15 countries. It revolutionized the e-commerce industry with its concept of daily deals.
  2. One of the key strategies of Groupon is offering huge discounts which benefit both the consumers who get a great deal, and the businesses that get increased customer traffic. However, it’s also seen as a downside as some businesses might struggle to handle the massive influx of customers or sustain the discounted rates in the long term.
  3. Despite its early success, Groupon has faced significant challenges including high competition and declining user base. Nevertheless, the company has pivoted and expanded its business towards new initiatives like Groupon+ and Groupon Select to strengthen customer loyalty and engagement.

“`Each point lists details about Groupon’s business model, strategies, and challenges.


Groupon is a term primarily associated with the e-commerce market, representing a globally recognized online marketplace that connects subscribers with local merchants by offering activities, travel, goods, and services at a discounted rate. Its importance lies in the innovative business model that not only benefits customers by providing them with cost-effective options but also helps small businesses attract new customers and retain existing ones. Groupon helps businesses extend their reach and visibility by leveraging a variety of deals and promotions. From a financial perspective, Groupon’s model aids in increasing cash flow by pre-selling services and goods. Meanwhile, customers enjoy the advantage of purchasing goods and services at lower prices, thus promoting consumer spending. Therefore, Groupon plays a significant role in stimulating economic activity and endorsing the growth and sustainability of small businesses.


Groupon is a popular online marketplace that connects subscribers with local merchants by offering discounts on goods, services, and activities, essentially providing a form of digital couponing. The purpose of Groupon is two-fold; for consumers, it offers an opportunity to explore services and products in their area (or even online) at discounted rates, often introducing them to experiences or goods they may not have otherwise considered. These discounts may apply to a plethora of categories, including restaurants, travel, healthcare, retail goods, and fitness classes, among others. For businesses, Groupon acts as a marketing tool to introduce or amplify their presence to a potentially large audience without an upfront advertising cost. Businesses can use the platform to attract new customers, clear old inventory, stimulate business in slow periods, or even test new products or services in the market. By offering discounts to a large player base, businesses hope to convert these first-time customers into regular consumers, effectively utilizing Groupon as a customer acquisition tool, or to generate buzz around new product offerings. However, it’s essential for businesses to understand the financial implications of participating in Groupon discounts as the discounts are often hefty, and Groupon also takes a portion of each sale.


1. Spa and Salon Services: In a real-world scenario, a spa and salon business might use Groupon to attract new customers who are unfamiliar with their services. It offers a discount coupon deal on Groupon for a spa package normally priced at $100 for just $50. Customers purchase the deal from Groupon, incentivized by the noticeable discount. This allows the new customers to try the spa services at a lower price, and it provides the spa business an opportunity to showcase their services and convince the new customers to return even without a discount.2. Restaurant Business: An example in the restaurant industry could involve a new restaurant that has recently opened, and they are looking to increase awareness and patronage. The restaurant can provide a Groupon deal, such as a $50 worth of food for only $25. People who weren’t initially aware of the restaurant or were hesitant about trying a new place might be more inclined to do so because of the discount provided by the Groupon deal.3. Travel and Tour Agencies: Groupon has found significant usage in the travel industry as well. A tour agency could give a 50% off deal on Groupon for an exotic beach holiday or a city tour package. Potential customers see this deal, purchase the Groupon, and then book the trip through the tour agency. Not only does this increase sales for the agency, but it also spreads awareness and potentially gains repeat customers.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Groupon?

Groupon is an American global e-commerce marketplace that connects subscribers with local businesses by offering activities, travel, products, and services at discounted prices.

How does Groupon work for the consumer?

Consumers sign up on the platform and use it to find deals on various products or services. They then purchase deals or coupons and redeem them at the local businesses.

What types of deals can customers find on Groupon?

Groupon offers a range of deals such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and sports activities. The platform also provides discounts on travel packages and products.

How can a business benefit from using Groupon?

By offering deals on Groupon, businesses can attract new customers, boost sales during slow periods, and improve visibility in the local market.

Is there a cost to using Groupon as a business?

Yes, Groupon takes a percentage of each deal sold. The specific percentage can vary depending on the agreement between Groupon and the business.

How does Groupon make money?

The main source of revenue for Groupon is the fee it charges businesses for providing them with marketing and customer access. This fee is a percentage of the value of the deals sold.

Do Groupon deals expire?

Yes, Groupon deals usually come with an expiration date. However, the amount you originally paid never expires and can still be redeemed with the business.

Is it safe to purchase deals on Groupon?

Yes, Groupon is a well-established company and it uses secure methods for online payments.

Can I return a Groupon?

Groupon’s return policy varies depending on the type of deal. For instance, goods can typically be returned within 14 days of receipt, while some local deals can be traded in for other deals before they expire.

How will I receive my deal after purchasing it on Groupon?

Once you purchase a Groupon deal, you will receive an email that includes a link to your voucher. You can also access your purchased deals in your Groupon account.

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