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Good This Week (GTW)


“Good This Week” (GTW) is a type of time limit that an investor can place on an order to buy or sell stocks. This order stays active until the end of the trading week or until it is fully executed, whichever happens first. If the instructions are not completed by the end of the trading week, the order is automatically cancelled.


The phonetic pronunciation of the keyword “Good This Week (GTW)” would be: Good: /gʊd/This: /ðɪs/Week: /wiːk/GTW (as an acronym, pronounced as individual letters): /ˈdʒiː/ /ˈtiː/ /ˈdʌbljuː/ Please note, these pronunciations are based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

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    Good This Week (GTW) is a significant term in the business/finance sector as it pertains to a specific type of order that a trader can place in the stock market. It essentially allows a trader or investor more flexibility and control over their investment decisions. A GTW order will remain active and valid for the entire week in which it’s placed, unless it is fulfilled or cancelled by the person who has initiated the order. This is significantly beneficial because it eliminates the need to constantly monitor the market and re-issue orders. It can help in managing risks, especially in the highly volatile market, as it enables the investor to limit potential losses and secure profits at a predefined price. Therefore, the importance of GTW in finance can be attributed to its role in augmenting strategic trading, reducing manual monitoring effort and enhancing risk management.


    The Good This Week (GTW) order is a type of conditional instruction provided by an investor in the investment market, specifying that a particular trade or order should be active until the end of the trading week, or until it gets executed. The purpose of a GTW order is to offer investors a certain degree of flexibility and control over their trading activities, while also reducing the time and effort required to regularly monitor and manage their investment portfolio. By placing a GTW order, an investor provides standing instructions to execute a particular trade, freeing themselves from the need to issue the same command each day.GTW orders are particularly useful in situations where investors anticipate certain fluctuations in market prices within a given week and want to capitalize on these expected movements. For instance, an investor might place a GTW order to sell a certain stock if its price reaches a specific high point during the week. Similarly, an investor could use a GTW order to buy a stock if its price dips to a certain level in the same period. Regardless of the specific instructions, the fundamental advantage of GTW orders lies in their ability to automate these trades in response to market movements, thereby enabling the investor to leverage potential opportunities without constant monitoring.


    Good This Week (GTW) is a type of order timing in finance, where an order remains active until the end of the trading week, unless it gets filled or cancelled first. Here are three real-world examples using this concept:1. Stock Market Trades: Imagine an investor wants to buy 100 shares of Company A at $10 each, but the current price is $15. They might place a GTW order at their desired price, which will be fulfilled if the stock price drops to $10 any time until the end of the week. If the price doesn’t reach $10, the order gets cancelled automatically.2. Foreign Exchange Trading: A currency trader expects the USD/EUR exchange rate to drop to 0.90 by the end of the week from a current rate of 0.95. They place a GTW order at the lower rate. If the exchange rate hits 0.90 before the week’s end, the order is executed. Otherwise, it’s cancelled automatically.3. Commodity Trading: A commodity trader wants to buy 5 contracts of Gold at $1800 each, which is currently trading at $1850 per contract. They’d place a GTW order at $1800. If the price of the gold contracts decreases to $1800 before the end of the week, the order will be executed. If not, the order will be cancelled by the exchange.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

    What does Good This Week (GTW) mean in finance and business?

    Good This Week (GTW) refers to a type of time-in-force designation used in securities trading that instructs a brokerage to execute a transaction at any point during the week’s trading sessions, but not beyond.

    When is a GTW order in effect?

    A GTW order remains in effect through the close of business on Friday of the week it is implemented. If not executed by the week’s end, the order is automatically cancelled.

    What happens if the GTW order is not filled within the week?

    If a GTW order is not filled by the week’s end, it is cancelled automatically. The investor would then have to submit a new order the following week if they are still interested in the transaction.

    Can I cancel a GTW order before the end of the week?

    Yes. An investor can cancel a GTW order at any point before it has been executed or the week ends, whichever comes first.

    Are there any fees associated with GTW orders?

    This would depend entirely on the specific terms and conditions of the brokerage house managing your trades. Some might charge a small fee for maintaining the order all week, while others won’t.

    In what situations would I want to use a GTW order?

    A GTW order can be useful if you anticipate a specific price movement within the week but do not have the time to constantly monitor the market. It allows you to set a specific buy or sell point without having to execute an immediate trade.

    Can a GTW order be used for all types of securities trading?

    GTW orders are generally accepted for most securities but it depends on the rules set by the brokerage firm. It would be best to confirm directly with your broker whether they accept this type of designation for the securities you wish to trade.

    Related Finance Terms

    • Orders: Good This Week (GTW) orders are related to the actions of buying or selling commodities, stocks, or other investment products.
    • Financial Markets: GTW orders are carried out within various financial markets such as the stock exchange or futures markets.
    • Validity: As suggested by its name, a GTW order remains valid until the end of the trading week or until it is executed or cancelled prior to this.
    • Stop Orders: GTW can be attached to stop orders, which are triggered when a specified price level is reached.
    • Limit Orders: GTW can also be attached to limit orders, which are executed only at specified price (limit) or at a better one.

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