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Fill Or Kill (FOK)


Fill Or Kill (FOK) is a type of order used in securities trading that requires the execution of an entire order immediately, or the order is canceled. This type of order is often used by investors who need to quickly buy or sell a large quantity of shares. The FOK ensures that either the entire order is filled at once, maintaining the desired price, or not filled at all, preventing partial fills at potentially varying prices.


The phonetics of the keyword “Fill Or Kill (FOK)” is:Fill – /fɪl/Or – /ɔːr/Kill – /kɪl/FOK – /ef-oh-key/

Key Takeaways

  1. Fill Or Kill (FOK) is a type of order in trading that requires immediate execution, demanding that the order be executed in its entirety or be cancelled completely.
  2. This order type is commonly used in fast-paced markets, where traders want to confirm their full position being filled at their desired price, without the risk of partial orders or fluctuations in the market price.
  3. FOK orders are useful for traders seeking precise entry or exit points, but they can also result in missed opportunities if the market does not present the desired price within the given time frame.


Fill or Kill (FOK) is an important term in business and finance, primarily in the realm of stock trading. As a type of order, FOK offers the investor instantaneous execution, highlighting the urgency of the transaction and mitigating the risk of price fluctuations. When submitting an FOK order, the investor stipulates that the order must be filled in its entirety immediately upon submission or, if that is not possible, the order is canceled, or “killed.” This provides the investor with a sense of control and certainty, ensuring that the full order is accepted at the desired price, and preventing partial fulfillment or undesirable prices from impacting their strategy. Consequently, FOK orders are crucial for time-sensitive trading strategies and for investors who prioritize precision and immediate outcomes in their transactions.


Fill Or Kill (FOK) serves as a vital function within the fast-paced and constantly fluctuating realm of finance and trading. The primary purpose of this type of order is to provide traders and investors with a strict mechanism that aims to either fully and immediately execute a specific transaction or nullify it, based on the market’s capability to meet the order requirements within a brief window of time. By using the FOK order, market participants can respond swiftly to market conditions, confidently knowing that their desired order will either be executed at the optimal price point or not at all. This powerful tool is of great importance to those who adopt short-term trading strategies or deal with large volumes of assets. For instance, day traders and institutional investors often use FOK orders to ensure optimal pricing and mitigate potential losses caused by sudden market shifts. By demanding immediate and complete execution of a transaction, the Fill Or Kill order eliminates the risks of partial order execution, ensuring that the investor or trader’s preferences are either fully complied with or discarded, thereby safeguarding their interests and preventing undesirable market exposures.


Fill Or Kill (FOK) is a type of time-in-force order used in trading securities to buy or sell a specific quantity of shares at a particular price immediately, or else the entire order is canceled. Here are three real-world examples related to the use of FOK orders in business and finance: 1. Stock Trading: An investor is interested in purchasing 1,000 shares of Company A at $50 per share. The investor submits a FOK order through their brokerage platform, specifying the desired price and quantity of shares. If the market can accommodate the entire order at the specified price, it will be executed immediately; otherwise, the order will be canceled. 2. Foreign Exchange Trading: A currency trader wants to exchange $10,000 US Dollars (USD) for Euros (EUR) at a specific exchange rate of 0.85 EUR/USD. They submit an FOK order with their chosen exchange rate through their trading platform. If the market can fulfill the entire conversion at their specified rate, the transaction will go through; if not, the order will be canceled. 3. Cryptocurrency Trading: A trader wants to buy 5 Bitcoin (BTC) at a certain price of $60,000 per Bitcoin on a cryptocurrency exchange. They place a FOK order for 5 BTC at $60,000 each. The exchange will immediately execute the order, filling the entire quantity desired at the specified price, or the order will be canceled if there are not enough Bitcoin available at the requested price.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does Fill Or Kill (FOK) mean in finance and business?
Fill Or Kill (FOK) is a type of trading order where an immediate execution of the entire order quantity is required, or else the order is canceled. It is usually used for large-volume trades where partial execution is not acceptable to the investor.
When would a trader use the Fill Or Kill (FOK) order?
A trader would use the FOK order when they want to ensure that the entire order is executed at a specific price immediately, reducing the risk of partial fills and fluctuations in price. This type of order is beneficial for time-sensitive and large-volume transactions.
What is the difference between Fill Or Kill (FOK) and Immediate Or Cancel (IOC) orders?
While both FOK and IOC orders require immediate execution, the main difference lies in their handling of partial fills. FOK orders require that the entire order be executed or not at all, whereas IOC orders allow for partial fills, canceling only the remaining unfilled portion of the order.
Can a Fill Or Kill (FOK) order be modified or canceled after it is placed?
No, a FOK order cannot be modified or canceled after it is placed. This is because FOK orders are either executed immediately in their entirety or canceled if they cannot be filled.
Are Fill Or Kill (FOK) orders suitable for all types of traders?
FOK orders are primarily used by traders and investors who prioritize the immediate and complete execution of an order at a specified price. They may not be suitable for all types of traders, as the inflexibility of this order type may not align with the trading strategies or risk tolerance of some investors.
Can Fill Or Kill (FOK) orders be used with all types of financial instruments?
FOK orders can be applied to various financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, options, and futures. However, the availability of FOK orders may vary depending on the trading platform and the specific instrument being traded. It is essential to check with your brokerage or trading platform for FOK order availability.

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