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FactSet is a financial data and software company that provides financial professionals with a consolidated platform offering data analytics, research, and content. It offers tools and solutions for portfolio management, financial reporting, and investment research, giving users the ability to analyze financial data from various sources. FactSet serves professionals in asset management, investment banking, and other financial industries.


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Key Takeaways

  1. FactSet is a leading financial data and software company that provides a broad range of essential tools and analytics to investment professionals, integrating thousands of datasets from public and proprietary sources.
  2. Offering a variety of solutions, their platform assists financial analysts, institutional investors, and other financial professionals in areas such as equity, fixed-income, and alternative investments, among others.
  3. FactSet has a strong presence in the financial industry, with a reputation for delivering high-quality data, analytics, and research that enables clients to make better-informed investment decisions.


FactSet is important in the business and finance world as it is a comprehensive financial data and analytics platform used by investment professionals globally. It offers a unique blend of data integration, analytics, and collaboration tools that provide valuable insights and improved decision-making for its users. FactSet allows users to access and process vast amounts of financial information, including company data, market research, risk analytics, and portfolio management. By consolidating various data sources and providing powerful analytical capabilities, FactSet has established itself as an indispensable resource for market participants, helping them to manage risk, optimize portfolios, and identify new investment opportunities more effectively.


FactSet is a global financial data and software company that provides integrated financial information and analytical applications to investment professionals, such as financial analysts, portfolio managers, and investment bankers. The primary purpose of FactSet is to aid these professionals in their daily workflows by offering accurate and comprehensive financial data, analytics, and tools for performing in-depth research, analysis, and reporting. By consolidating a diverse range of financial information from numerous sources into one platform, FactSet streamlines the investment research process, allowing users to efficiently monitor market trends, perform comprehensive analysis, and identify potential investment opportunities.

Apart from offering access to extensive financial data and company information, FactSet is also utilized for portfolio management, risk analysis, and performance measurement. Its software tools enable users to monitor and analyze portfolio performance, assess and measure risk, and conduct scenario analysis to ensure robust investment strategies. Additionally, FactSet’s research management solutions help professionals organise their research and ideas, enabling informed decision-making and facilitating collaboration among investment teams. In essence, FactSet serves as an invaluable resource for investment professionals, empowering them with the comprehensive data and analytical capabilities required to navigate the complex and fast-paced world of finance.


FactSet is a financial data and software company that provides integrated financial information and analytical applications for the global investment community. Here are three real-world examples of how FactSet operates in the business/finance sector:

1. Portfolio Management and Analytics: A wealth management firm may utilize FactSet’s platform to analyze their clients’ portfolios and monitor their performance. FactSet provides various tools, such as risk and performance metrics, that helps portfolio managers to track investments and make informed decisions based on real-time financial data, industry news, and market research.

2. Investment Research and Analysis: An investment analyst working for a hedge fund can leverage FactSet’s vast financial database to conduct research on specific companies or industries. FactSet offers access to historical financial data, analyst estimates, financial statements, and more. The analyst can use this information to develop investment strategies, identify market trends, and evaluate individual stocks, bonds, or other financial instruments for potential investment opportunities.

3. Corporate Financial Planning and Reporting: A large corporation might use FactSet’s financial planning and reporting tools to collaborate on budgeting and financial forecasting. FactSet enables professionals to create custom financial models, analyze historical financial data, and generate real-time financial reports. By streamlining these processes, companies can quickly gain insight into their financial performance and make more informed business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is FactSet?

FactSet is a global financial data and analytics company that provides integrated software solutions, data feeds, and analysis tools to finance professionals, such as investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and financial analysts. FactSet offers a comprehensive data and analytical platform that covers a wide range of financial information, including company financials, market data, news, economic data, and other industry-specific data.

Who are the primary users of FactSet?

FactSet serves professionals in the finance industry, including investment bankers, equity researchers, portfolio managers, financial analysts, risk managers, and hedge fund managers. FactSet’s clients come from a wide range of financial institutions, such as asset management firms, investment banks, hedge funds, and other financial organizations.

What are some key features of FactSet?

FactSet offers a variety of valuable features for finance professionals, including data on companies, markets, and economic indicators. Some key features include:1. Comprehensive financial data: FactSet covers financial statements, earnings estimates, market data, analyst research, ownership data, and more.2. Portfolio analytics: The platform provides tools for portfolio analysis, risk modeling, and performance attribution.3. Screening & research: FactSet facilitates equity and fixed income screening, as well as industry, sector, and market research.4. Customizable workspaces: Users can create personalized workspaces, tailored to their specific workflows and preferences.5. Integration capabilities: FactSet can integrate with third-party applications, such as Microsoft Office and programming languages like Python and R.

How much does FactSet cost?

FactSet offers various pricing structures depending on the specific products, services, and data feeds required by the user. Pricing is typically customized based on the client’s needs, with discounts available for large organizations and multi-year commitments. It is advisable to contact FactSet directly for a tailored quote.

How does FactSet compare to other financial data platforms, like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters?

FactSet, Bloomberg, and Thomson Reuters are all well-known providers of financial data and analytical tools. While FactSet is often considered more cost-effective and user-friendly, each platform has its unique strengths. Bloomberg is known for its extensive real-time market data and news, as well as its powerful terminal hardware. Thomson Reuters’ Eikon platform excels in providing detailed fixed-income data and granular economic information. Ultimately, the choice between these platforms depends on the user’s specific requirements and budget.

Is FactSet available on mobile devices?

Yes, FactSet offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, ensuring users have access to crucial financial data and tools on the go. The mobile app includes features such as portfolio analytics, data visualization, news feeds, and alerts. While the mobile app may not have all the functionality of the desktop platform, it provides users with a convenient solution to access important information while away from their office.

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