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Buy Limit Order


A buy limit order is a type of order to purchase a security at a specified price or lower. It allows investors to set the price at which they wish to buy a stock, instead of buying it at the current market price. This order will only execute if the price of the security reaches the predetermined limit price or drops below it.


The phonetic pronunciation of “Buy Limit Order” is: Bai̯ Lĭmɪt ˈɔːrdər

Key Takeaways

<ol><li>A Buy Limit Order is a type of order that allows traders to purchase a security at or below a specified price. This process helps investors buy securities at lower prices during a volatile market.</li><li>Investors tend to use Buy Limit Orders when they predict a declining market, to ensure they purchase the security at their desired price level or lower. This aids them in managing and controlling their investment costs.</li> <li>While Buy Limit Orders provide more control over the purchasing price, they don’t guarantee execution. If the security’s price does not fall to the limit price or lower, the investor’s order will not be filled, potentially missing the chance of trading that specific security.</li> </ol>


A Buy Limit Order is crucial in finance because it allows investors to specify the maximum price at which they are willing to purchase shares of a particular stock, thereby enhancing control over their financial transactions. This means they can better manage their risk and potentially optimize profitability because the order only gets executed if the asset’s price falls to or below the investor’s specified limit. Therefore, it mitigates the need for constant market surveillance, offers protection against market volatility, and provides a cost-effective investment strategy, particularly important in fluctuating market conditions.


A buy limit order primarily serves the purpose of allowing an investor to purchase a security at a price that is equal to or lower than a specific predefined level. This strategic move is utilized to achieve better control over the price at which they buy the security. Say, for instance, if an investor predicts that a stock’s price is set to fall before rising again, they might use a buy limit order to set a specific price at which they’d like to purchase the stock. This way, they avoid paying a high price that would potentially cut down their eventual gains. Moreover, buy limit orders are also used to manage and limit the risk to investments in the rapidly changing and unpredictable world of financial markets. For instance, in the stock market, an investor might not always be able to manually monitor the market price of stocks. Utilizing a buy limit order in such scenarios allows automatic execution of buying stocks when it hits their desired price point, ensuring that they do not lose potential investment opportunities. Therefore, it acts as a tool for better financial portfolio management by making smart and calculated investment decisions.


1. Stock Market Trading: A broker acting on behalf of a client may place a buy limit order at $50 for a stock currently trading at $60. If the market conditions change and the stock price falls to $50 or less, the broker will execute the purchase order. The client uses the limit order to lock in the price they want to pay, avoid paying too much due to stock price fluctuations or overvaluation, and better manage their investment strategy.2. Foreign Currency Exchange: A currency trader anticipates the value of USD/Euro will decline to $1.10 by the next week due to certain economic factors. The trader currently sees the USD/Euro exchange rate at $1.15. To protect his investment and make sure he only buys at the desired rate, he sets a buy limit order at $1.10. If the rate hits $1.10 or below, his order would be executed automatically by his trading platform.3. Commodity Trading: An individual investing in gold might place a buy limit order when the price of gold is currently at $1800 per ounce but they only want to buy if the price drops to $1750 per ounce. They place a buy limit order at $1750. If the price does hit that point, the order will be executed and they would purchase gold at the lower price they specified, ensuring they don’t spend more than they’d like.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a Buy Limit Order?

A Buy Limit Order is a type of order to purchase a security at or below a specified price, allowing traders and investors to specify the price they are willing to pay for a security, such as a stock.

How does a Buy Limit Order work?

A Buy Limit Order only executes at the limit price or lower. For instance, if an investor wants to buy a stock, but doesn’t want to pay more than $20 for it, the investor can place a limit order to buy the stock at $20.

What is the advantage of using a Buy Limit Order?

The main advantage of a Buy Limit Order is that it guarantees the price at which an investment will be made, providing investors control over their financial scenarios.

What happens if the market price never reaches the limit price?

If the market price never goes down to the limit price, the Buy Limit Order will not be filled and the investor may miss the opportunity to buy the security.

Is there any risk associated with a Buy Limit Order?

Yes, the risk associated with a Buy Limit Order is that the market price might not fall down to the limit price and the order never gets executed.

Can I cancel a Buy Limit Order?

Yes, a Buy Limit Order can be cancelled anytime before it is executed.

What is the difference between a Buy Limit Order and a Stop Order?

While a Buy Limit Order sets the maximum price at which the security should be bought, a stop order sets the minimum price at which the security should be bought.

Can Buy Limit Order be used in any market?

Yes, Buy Limit Order can be used in any financial market that allows limit orders including stock markets, futures markets and Forex markets.

When should I use a Buy Limit Order?

A Buy Limit Order is typically used when an investor expects the price of a security to fall down to a certain level before it begins to rise.

: How long will a Buy Limit Order remain open?

A Buy Limit Order will remain open until it is either filled or cancelled.

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