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Bullish Abandoned Baby


“Bullish Abandoned Baby” is a term used in candlestick charting, a popular type of chart used in technical analysis. It is a rare reversal pattern that occurs in a downward-trending market, consisting of a long black or red body, a Doji (a candle with an insignificantly small body), and a long white or green body. The Doji must gap below the first body and the third must gap above it, indicating a potential reversal to an uptrend.


The phonetics of the keyword “Bullish Abandoned Baby” is:Bullish: /ˈbʊlɪʃ/Abandoned: /əˈbændənd/Baby: /ˈbeɪbi/

Key Takeaways

1. Indication of a Reversal: The Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern can be identified at the end of a downtrend and signals a potential reversal in the market trend. It is a rare but reliable indicator that traders should look out for.

2. Three Candlestick pattern: The pattern is made up of three candlesticks, starting with a long bearish candle, followed by a Doji star, and ends with a bullish candle that opens above the previous day’s close. The Doji star represents a moment of indecision in the market which sets the stage for a potential reversal.

3. Confirmation Needed: While a Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern is seen as a strong reversal signal, traders should look for further confirmation of bullish sentiment. It is advisable to wait for follow-up bullish action and confirm with other technical analysis tools or indicators for a higher probability of success.


The term “Bullish Abandoned Baby” is important in business/finance as it’s a rare candlestick pattern used by traders as an indicator to predict potential market reversals. It has significant reliability and occurs at the end of a downtrend, signaling a bullish reversal (upward trend reversal). This pattern involves three distinct candlesticks: the first is a large red candle extending the previous downtrend, the second – the “baby” – is a short-bodied candle (indicating market indecision) gapped away from the first, and the third is a blue candle gapped in the opposite direction of the first candle, implying a potential upward momentum. Traders use the Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern to identify investment opportunities, making this pattern a vital tool in technical analysis.


The Bullish Abandoned Baby is a specific pattern that traders and financial analysts use to predict potential future price movements of stocks and other assets in technical analysis. Its purpose is to identify fundamental changes in the direction of the market, more specifically, when a downtrend may be ending and a new uptrend could be forming. This particular pattern serves as a strong indicator of market reversal, primarily from bearish to bullish, helping to guide investment decisions and strategy adjustments.Investors use the Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern to predict the opportune moment to enter or exit the market, hence potentially maximizing profitability. It usually signals a time of buying for traders as the likelihood of prices going higher increases after this pattern. Consisting of three candlesticks, with the middle one being a ‘doji’ (representing indecision in the market), it appears when the market suddenly transitions from a falling trend to a rising one. Distinctly, the ‘doji’ does not overlap the bars before or after it. Thus, the purpose of this pattern is to alert the trader of a dramatic shift in market sentiment, offering a signal for strategic actions in trading.


The Bullish Abandoned Baby is a type of candlestick pattern used by traders to predict future price movements in the stock market. Here are three real-world examples:1. Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA): Tesla’s stock chart showed a Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern in June 2020. After a downtrend, there was a day of a small volume trading represented by a Doji (the baby) that gapped below the previous day’s trading range. This Doji was followed by a large bullish (green) candle that gapped above the Doji’s trading range. Following this pattern, the stock price increased significantly.2. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT): In October 2014, Microsoft’s stock price demonstrated a clear Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern, which signaled a trend reversal. This pattern was followed by a significant price surge.3. Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL): In February 2016, Alphabet (the parent company of Google) formed a Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern on its stock chart. After this pattern was formed, the stock price started an uptrend, much to the delight of bullish traders and investors.Please note that while these patterns can provide a hint about potential future price movements, they are not always 100% accurate and should be used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and fundamental analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a Bullish Abandoned Baby in finance?

A Bullish Abandoned Baby is a type of candlestick pattern used by traders to predict potential reversals in the market. It consists of a downwards trending candlestick on the first day, a Doji candlestick on the second day that falls below the first day’s close, and an upwards trending candlestick on the third day.

How can I identify a Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern?

This pattern involves three candlesticks. The first Day is a long red candlestick in a downtrend, the second day has a small body (Doji) that gaps below the close of the first day, and the third day is a green candle that opens above the second day’s body and moves higher.

What does Bullish Abandoned Baby indicate?

The Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern indicates a possible reversal of the downward trend, suggesting that it might be a good time to buy. However, it’s always crucial to consider this signal in the context of other technical indicators.

Does a Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern guarantee a market reversal?

Not necessarily. While it’s a strong signal for a potential market trend reversal, it’s essential to remember no single trading strategy is 100% foolproof. Factors such as economic news and market sentiments can affect the outcome.

How reliable is the Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern?

The Bullish Abandoned Baby is considered a relatively reliable candlestick pattern because it’s rare and involves strong changes in price and trend direction. However, it’s always recommended to combine it with other indicators for more reliable results.

Is the Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern specific to any market?

No, the Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern can appear in any kind of market that uses candlestick charts, such as equities, commodities, forex, and even cryptocurrencies.

Can the Bullish Abandoned Baby pattern be used for long-term trading?

While it’s primarily used by short-term traders as part of a technical analysis strategy, it can also provide useful insights for long-term investors by highlighting potential market reversals.

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