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Bond Quote


A bond quote is an estimate of the price at which a bond can be bought or sold. It is typically expressed as a percentage of the bond’s par value and includes the bond’s current yield and its coupon rate. The bond quote provides investors with important information used in trading decisions.


The phonetics of the keyword “Bond Quote” is /bɒnd kwoʊt/.

Key Takeaways


  1. A Bond quote is the price at which a bond can be bought or sold in the financial marketplace. It’s expressed as a percentage of par value. Par value is typically $100, indicating that a bond price is read as a percentage. A bond quote of 101, for example, represents a selling price of 101% of par, or $1,010 for one bond.

  2. Bond quotes can be either ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’. Clean quotes are the price of the bond without considering accumulated interest, whilst dirty quotes include accrued interest. Therefore, when you buy a bond in between coupon dates, you pay the seller the clean price plus accrued interest.

  3. The bond quote changes throughout its lifetime depending on several factors, such as changes in the interest rates, credit rating of the issuer, time to maturity, and general market demand. A rise in the issued company’s perceived credit risk can make the price of the bond go down and vice versa.



A bond quote is important in the business/finance domain as it essentially determines the price at which a bond can be bought or sold. This is crucial as it provides investors with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their investments. The quote represents the percentage of the face value of the bond that an investor will need to pay to buy the bond or the percentage of the face value that a bondholder will receive when selling the bond. Given that bonds are typically traded over-the-counter rather than on a centralized exchange, the bond quote serves as a fundamental unit of information which reflects the bond’s current market value, guiding investors about the potential returns and the risks associated with the bond.


A bond quote plays a critical role in the bond market by providing necessary information that investors need to make an informed decision. The purpose is to communicate the pricing of a bond at a specific point in time. Just like the price tag in a supermarket, the bond quote tells an investor how much they would need to pay to purchase the bond. It acts as a vital tool of communication between issuer and potential investor which aids in investment decisions and strategies.Further, bond quotes are important because they provide insight into the income that an investor can anticipate from a bond. With information such as the yield and interest rate in hand, investors can make comparisons between different bonds and choose the one that fits best with their investment goals. It provides transparency in the financial market, making it possible for investors to gauge the risk and return associated with each bond before making an investment. It also plays a role in defining the movements and changes in the bond market, which influences the broader financial market and economy.


1. U.S. Treasury Bonds: The United States Department of the Treasury offers bonds as a means for the government to raise funds. A bond quote could be presented as “Treasury Bond ’25 98-14”. This indicates a U.S. Treasury bond that matures in 2025, currently trading at 98% (plus 14/32) of its face value, which typically equates to $980.44 per bond. 2. Corporate Bonds: For instance, a widely reported bond quote for Boeing might be “Boeing Co. 3.375 2025 at 102.42.” This indicates that a Boeing corporate bond with 3.375% interest rate due in 2025 is currently trading at 102.42% of its face value, or $1,024.20 per bond.3. Municipal Bonds: An example could be a bond quote saying “California GO 5s of 2023 at 105.25.” This quote is for a general obligation bond from the state of California, with a 5% interest rate, maturing in 2023, and currently trading at 105.25% of its face value, or $1,052.50 per bond.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a Bond Quote?

A bond quote is the price at which a bond can be bought or sold. It is expressed as a percentage of the bond’s par value.

What does a Bond Quote consist of?

A bond quote usually consists of the bond’s cost and its yield. The bond’s cost is expressed as a percentage of its face value, and the yield represents the return an investor can expect if they hold the bond until maturity.

How are Bond Quotes presented?

Typically, bond quotes are expressed in relation to a 100-point scale. For example, a quote of 98.5 for a bond means that it is being offered for 98.5% of its par value.

What is the significance of a Bond Quote?

Bond quotes are crucial for investors and traders in making investment decisions. It indicates the current price of a bond in the market, helping investors assess whether the bond is a profitable investment.

How often do Bond Quotes change?

Bond quotes can change throughout the trading day, just like stock prices. The fluctuations depend on several factors, including interest rates, the credit rating of the issuer, and overall market conditions.

Where can I find Bond Quotes?

Bond quotes can be found in financial publications, on financial websites, and through brokerage firms.

Can Bond Quotes indicate the creditworthiness of a company?

Yes, generally a lower bond quote implies higher risk, as investors need a higher yield to compensate for the risk. Therefore, a company with a lower bond quote may be perceived as less creditworthy.

Can I sell a bond for more than its Bond Quote?

It is possible to sell a bond for more than its quoted price. This usually happens in what is called a premium bond, where the bond’s interest rate is higher than current market rates. This makes the bond more attractive to investors, leading it to sell at a premium price.

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