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Best Endeavors


“Best endeavors” is a legal term used primarily in contracts, which refers to an agreement by a party to act with the utmost effort to fulfill a particular task or obligation. This indicates the party will use all possible means and resources to meet the contract terms. However, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the fulfillment of the contract’s end result.


The phonetic transcription of “Best Endeavors” in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is /bɛst ɛnˈdɛvərz/.

Key Takeaways

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  1. Best Endeavors is a legally obligated term often used in contracts that requires a party to make the utmost effort in fulfilling their contractual duties. The term is mainly used in the UK and Commonwealth, while in the US, “Best Efforts” is used instead.
  2. It allows for a certain degree of flexibility, as it doesn’t necessarily require a party to fulfill an obligation, but to give their best effort to do so. However, the extent of the effort required often depends on court interpretation.
  3. The specific wording of the contract can greatly influence how “best endeavors” is interpreted. Interpretation can vary, suggesting that parties should get legal advice before including such a requirement in a contract.



The term “Best Endeavors” is a crucial concept in business and finance because it typically relates to contractual agreements where one party promises to give their maximum effort to fulfill a task or obligation. This makes the contractual relationship more flexible as the exact results are not specified. It sets a high standard of diligence and care in the performance of a task, offering reassurances to the other party involved. Importantly, while best endeavors can involve significant effort, they do not compel a party to achieve an impossible task, bankrupt itself, or disregard its own commercial interests, thus maintaining a practical and reasonable scope of effort. It thus plays a crucial role in risk management and ensuring good business practices.


Best endeavors is a legal concept prominently used in the world of business and finance. It essentially serves as a form of agreement that obligates one party to exert maximum effort to fulfill a certain task or achieve a stated outcome. The purpose of using this term in contracts and agreements is to establish an expectation of commitment from one or more parties involved, without necessary defining specific measures of performance. Though the term does not indicate an exact measure of effort, it indirectly assures that the agreeing parties will go to great lengths to achieve the specified task.In real-world scenarios, ‘best endeavors’ could be used in a variety of situations such as supply contracts, business sales, or strategic partnerships. For instance, in a supply contract, a distributor may agree to use its best endeavors to deliver goods within a certain timeframe. Meanwhile, in business sales, a seller might commit to best endeavors to make the business transfer as smooth as possible. Situationally, the term can imply different levels of obligation. Essentially, it works as a risk management tool that ensures all parties involved exert their utmost effort in fulfilling their responsibilities.


1. Mergers and Acquisitions: During a merger or acquisition, the selling company enters into a “best endeavors” agreement, promising they have made all efforts to provide complete and accurate information about the business being sold. The goal is to ensure the buying company is not inheriting any unknown legal or financial burdens.2. Supply Contracts: In a supply contract, a supplier might have the responsibility of making best endeavors to provide a certain quantity of goods or services within a certain timeframe to the buying party. This ensures that the supplier is doing their best to meet the contractual obligations, even if the ultimate objective might not be fully achieved due to unforeseeable circumstances.3. Financial Services: A financial advisor may commit to best endeavors in finding the most suitable investment opportunities for a client. The term would imply that the advisor will perform thorough research and use their professional expertise to recommend investment options, while also ensuring that they have the client’s best interests in mind. Although the advisor cannot guarantee returns, they promise to use their best expertise and efforts to meet the client’s financial objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does the term Best Endeavors mean in finance and business?

Best Endeavors is a legal term often found in contracts, which means to act in good faith and make all reasonable efforts to fulfill a particular commitment or obligation.

How is the term Best Endeavors generally used in contracts?

The term is used to imply that a party will vigorously attempt to fulfill the tasks or actions they have agreed to, employing their best efforts, skills, and resources, even if the outcome is not guaranteed.

Does Best Endeavors guarantee a successful outcome?

No, Best Endeavors doesn’t guarantee a successful outcome. It simply means that the obligated party will strive to their best ability to achieve the desired result.

How does Best Endeavors differ from Reasonable Endeavors?

While Best Endeavors requires a party to take every reasonable course of action to achieve an outcome, Reasonable Endeavors only requires a party to take actions that are reasonable according to their own judgment.

Can Best Endeavors” be enforced in a court of law?

Yes, depending on jurisdiction, Best Endeavors can be enforced in a court. However, as it is somewhat subjective, the court will usually consider factors such as standard industry practice, the party’s capacity, and the specific situation to determine what constitutes Best Endeavors.

What could happen if a party fails to meet the Best Endeavors clause of a contract?

If a party doesn’t make its best endeavors to fulfill a certain contract clause, they might be in breach of contract, and the other party could potentially take legal action against them. However, it often depends on the interpretation of Best Endeavors as per the specific contract and jurisdiction.

Is the term Best Endeavors universally understood?

Though widely used, Best Endeavors can be interpreted differently depending on the jurisdiction, industry standards, and specific contract conditions. It’s recommended that businesses seek legal advice to understand their obligations under a Best Endeavors clause.

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