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Tennessee Williams – You Can be Young Without Money

Updated on June 2nd, 2022
Tennessee Williams - You Can be Young Without Money

“You can be young without money, but you can’t be old without it.”

– Tennessee Williams

This is a lesson that a lot of people don’t get to learn until it’s too late – and even if it isn’t too late, it can be hard to apply it to real life. Recently, there has been more media attention placed on the poor state of retirement savings, including the Guardian describing Americans as “woefully unprepared for retirement”.

Many of the greatest creative minds in the 20th century have prided themselves on sustaining life and career on a shoestring budget, from Ernest Hemingway & Co.’s Lost Generation years in Paris to Bob Dylan and the rest of the Greenwich Village folksters in the ‘60s, but luckily, most of them found success in their later life.

However, for the rest of us who don’t oscillate between poverty and worldwide international fame, it’s important to keep that 401(k) afloat!


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