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Why Successful Freelancers Need to Outsource

Freelancing can be a tough nut to crack at the beginning, but once work starts picking up, you’ll probably have more than enough on your plate. After just 6 months of freelancing, I considered hiring some help. Then, after about a year I hired an additional person and now I have about 4 people I outsource tasks to including a staff writer for my blog and two virtual assistants.

As a freelancer, you’re in the business to make money and offer your services to others. With that being said, it may seem weird to consider outsourcing some of your tasks to other people.

I know I felt a little sleazy when I hired a writer for my site since people pay me to write on their sites but I’m so glad I did because my business has become more successful as a result.

Here are three reasons why you should consider outsourcing if you’re a freelancer.

1. You Can’t Do It All

The sooner you realize this, the better. Most freelancers try to do it all and accept every assignment in order to please their clients. There’s just one problem. You can’t do everything even if you need to earn more money.

Hiring someone who can take some of the pressure solely off you can allow you to get more done in less time and even focus on more complex tasks without getting stressed out by your deadlines. Even though you have to use some of your income to pay a contractor, you’ll have the potential to earn way more by adding more hands to your projects.

Even having someone to take over administrative duties like setting up meetings, sending invoices, managing your inbox etc. can be a huge help.

2. You Might Want to Diversify Your Income

As a freelancer, you might want to diversify your income for more security. While this could mean adding more clients to your roster, it could also mean adding a different service or starting a passion project on the site.

My passion project is my blog which earns a part-time income each month. It’s certainly not enough to live off which is why I dedicate a majority of my time to freelance writing.

However, outsourcing some tasks for my passion project to virtual assistants allows me to diversify my income so I’m not depending on one sole skill set.

You can also outsource to build a team that will allow you to expand your service offerings so you don’t have to work more hours to meet some of the needs of your clients.

3. You’ll Learn Exactly What Potential Clients Are Looking For

One of the best things I’ve learned from outsourcing is what potential clients are looking for when they are considering hiring a freelancer. When I post an ad for a position or hire another freelancer, I put myself in the position of my clients and prospects.

I realize what clients like and what they don’t like, how they like to be approached, and what they prefer to see in a pitch. I’ve also worked with some freelancers who have under-delivered for me in the past so that lets me know exactly what I need to do with my business to provide more value to my clients so I don’t make the same mistakes.

Summary: Consider the Full Line of Benefits That Come With Outsourcing

I understand that outsourcing can sound risky if you’re a freelancer but 9 times out of 10, it can help your business grow and relieve some of your workload.

You’ll also learn a ton from the hiring and onboarding process when you add new contractors to your team. You can use the experience to boost your own value as a freelancer.

When it comes down to it, carefully weigh the pros and cons and consider all the benefits of outsourcing. Make sure outsourcing fits in your budget and feel free to take it slow and just bring someone on to work a few hours per month to start.

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