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Why and How to Start Producing Videos For Your Business


Small business owners face special challenges, not the least of which is determining how to spend their advertising budgets. Business owners must get the best ROI possible. One tactic that is increasingly successful and relatively easy is to implement a video.

Marketing efforts that contain video as part of the strategy are almost guaranteed to have more success. Here’s why you will want to produce these videos for your business.

Start Producing Videos People Love Video

Video has become the media that is preferred by most consumers today. Often times, videos simply engage viewers better than static content. In fact, 65% of video viewers actually watch three-fourths of a video found online. Mobility helps video viewing too. Reported in 2015, 33% of tablet users actually watch an hour of video every day on their devices.

I’m sure that amount has increased tremendously by now. Mobile video engagement is predicted to be one of the top social trends as 2015 extends.

Search Engines Love Video Even More

Search engines love a variety of content so adding video to a roster won’t hurt in that sense. Like articles and blog posts, you can optimize video for keywords, SEO and, tags for categories.

Lots of people are currently using video to boost their businesses. You’ll find less competition for certain keywords than you would when it comes to written content. If people are looking for video content and your video comes up, they’re likely to click on it over an article.

Video Allows You To Relate Better To Your Audience

Video content is valuable because it typically creates more engagement and interest for your business than traditional articles. It is easier for others to understand and process. Though is remains true that everyone learns and processes information differently.

Video can be more enjoyable for audiences. You can optimize video efforts by getting, creating and allowing more of your personality to shine. You can showcase yourself through your content so you can relate to viewers on a more personal level.

That being said, video content can definitely help establish the “know, like and trust factor.” When selling a product or service, market your business, or simply share information you’ll want to build trust first.

How to Start Using Video

If you’re ready to start producing video for your business, the process is simple. Most people host their videos on YouTube because it’s easy and free. YouTube is also the second largest search engine next to Google.

You can host your video content in your own hosting environment. This gives you more control over what you post and where you post it. YouTube is a very flexible platform and highly recommended. Having videos on YouTube can lead people back to your business’ website. With YouTube vids you can even embed entire videos anywhere on your website.

To get started on YouTube, simply sign up for free and brainstorm a few video titles. You may want to invest in a quality camera or you can use your computer’s webcam if it’s pretty clear. After you produce your video, you’ll want to edit the content just like you would for an article. In editing you cut things down or get rid of any errors or mistakes.

Finally, simply upload your video with an engaging title, full description, and specific keywords and tags. Posting videos on YouTube also makes them very shareable with your customers. Be sure to have the buttons so everyone can share your content on social media. You will want to add your video in your marketing newsletter as well.


Developing video content for your business is a good idea to consider given all the benefits it can provide. Video gives a face and personality to a business which might otherwise go unnoticed.

Video can do the talking in a sense and help tell your brand’s story. Since your customers can actually see you it increases trust. Vids help you engage with prospects while converting them into loyal customers.

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