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Should You Use Seasonal Invoice Template Designs?

Updated on March 3rd, 2023
Look For Templates That Best Fit Your Brand and Business

Thanks to electronic invoicing you can now instantly send invoices to customers and clients across the globe. Better yet, you can also get paid almost instantly. Another perk that plenty of business owners overlook when it comes to electronic invoicing is that it allows you to customize your invoice templates.

I get it. You’re already swamped and the last thing that you want to do is waste your time with finding and tinkering around with an invoice template. I mean all invoices need are basic information like your name, what you’re charging the client for, and when the final amount is due, right?

While, that’s only part of it.

Invoicing is also a chance for you to establish your brand, market additional products or services, and build long-term relationships. That’s when templates can be an asset to your business. Besides, they can quickly be accessed and adapted to fit these needs so you’re not going to be spending hours customizing your templates.

Here’s something else that you can do with invoice templates; make them seasonal.

The Benefits of Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal invoice ecommerce template designs can be used in collaboration with your seasonal marketing campaign. If you’ve never launched a seasonal marketing campaign, it’s a creative way to promote your products and services based on seasonal trends, as well as build relationships with you customers so that they’ll keep coming back. For example, you could use a holiday-themed template in November and December and then mention that there’s free holiday shipping or a link to a promotional code as a thank you in the message section of the invoice.

Seasonal marketing also provides benefits like;

  • Increase in sales. Think about when gym memberships offer discounts in January or running a back-to-school campaign in August. People are already emotionally connected to holidays, so use that to your advantage.
  • Easy to plan. You’re probably already familiar with most holidays. So, planning a campaign around the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving should be relatively easy to plan and execute. But, to make sure that you don’t forget any holidays, here’s a handy seasonal calendar to download.
  • Buying pressure. Seasonal campaigns don’t last for long. This should entice customers into making a purchase before the deal or campaign is over.
  • Spontaneous purchases. Offering discounts or promotions like free shipping are incentives for customers to make purchases that they may not have normally made.
  • Builds email subscribers. By running seasonal campaigns, such as a free holiday survival guide, can capture more email subscribers.

Best of all? Your business doesn’t have to specialize in holiday products or services to take advantage of seasonal marketing. You could simply be a freelance writer who enjoys participating in various holidays throughout the year because it’s fun and creative. Seasonal marketing can be a fun and sometimes inexpensive way to market your business.

Seasonal Marketing Tips For Businesses of All Sizes

If you want to partake in seasonal marketing, here are a couple of pointers to get you started.

  • Start planning early.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors by launching a seasonal campaign before they do. For example, if you want to celebrate the fall, start converting your messages and promotions for the upcoming season in late August or early September the latest.
  • Showcase one theme. Once you settle on a theme, let’s say that fall theme full of leaves that are changing colors and back-to-school imagery, make sure it’s consistent across the board. That means matching your promotion, website, social channels, emails, and invoices with one theme so that you don’t confuse your audience.
  • Base themes around your industry and audience. If you’re a professional, such as an attorney or accountant, seasonal marketing probably isn’t a good fit. Keep things professional by sticking with straightforward invoice templates. However, if you’re a clothing eCommerce shop you could easily create a seasonal campaign based on the upcoming fashion trends. Ultimately, think about how you can tie-in a seasonal campaign with your business in an authentic way by taking into consideration what your audience and industry are doing.
  • Customize your products or services. You could customize the products or services based on the what your customers are looking for during specific seasons. For instance, a landscaper could offer to rake lawns in the fall or plow snow in the winter. A photographer could offer back-to-school pictures in the fall or pictures with Santa during the holidays. You could make those services or products known in your invoices, along with other marketing materials.

Stay Organized

  • Review last year’s trends. Before launching a seasonal campaign review what worked and what didn’t work for you or your competitors. This way you can focus on campaigns that worked
  • Use this as a chance to connect with clients and customers. Use seasonal campaigns to connect with your clientele. It could simply be wishing them a Happy New Year or keeping them updated on what they can expect in the next couple of months.
  • Schedule throughout the year. You can schedule seasonal campaigns throughout the year. But, make sure that you give each them the proper amount of time to develop and run. Review your calendar to make sure themes aren’t overlapping, give yourself at least three months to build and set-up a theme, share this information with your team, have a budget set aside for each theme, and don’t forget to have some fun.

Putting it Altogether

Seasonal invoice template designs are a unique way to not only celebrate an upcoming season or holiday, they can also be incorporated into your seasonal marketing campaign. But, just make sure that it makes sense for your business and customers. If so, then take full advantage of any upcoming holidays or seasons.

Chehak Wadhwa

Chehak Wadhwa

Chehak Wadhwa is currently the Chief Operation Officer at Webdew. She has worked across various brands and led the creative sessions for project kick-offs.

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