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Should You Have a Backup Contractor?

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Contractors face many challenges regular employees in a business don’t. For instance, they don’t get vacation days, 401K’s, paid health insurance, and many other benefits offered by large employers.

Still, some of the largest difficulties to overcome are what to do when they want a vacation or time off due to illness. When either of those situations occurs they must either work anyway or work ahead.

But what if there were another way for contractors to take needed time off? Perhaps they should have a backup contractor.

Pros of Hiring a Backup Contractor

1. They Could Save You in a Pinch

If you really need to find a replacement to complete work for a client it may not be an easy process. In fact, you might have to contact several contractors before you can get one to agree to help you out.

Instead, consider having a backup contractor to rely on when you need them. They can fill in and save the day when you are in a pinch and need help on short notice. In addition, you will stay in the good graces of your clients since needed work will continue to get done.

2. They Could Reduce Your Stress

Having another contractor to help you out when you really need them can reduce your stress level. Potentially, you already have work stress just from the constant juggling of projects and deadlines. The added pressure of illness or time off just increases it.

When you have someone else who can relieve a little of your burden it can help you sleep better at night. It can also improve your morale to know you don’t have an enormous pile of work to catch up on after being gone or sick.

3. They Give You Options

Another reason you should have a backup contractor is to give you options. Depending solely on yourself is a bit dangerous when you have important jobs that must be completed.

As an example, there may be other people waiting on you to finish a portion of a project before doing their part. When you are unable to follow through it can delay everything for everyone.

However, contacting another contractor to be on standby may help you stick to a deadline even when emergencies come up. If you aren’t able to get something done they may be able to step up and finish the job.

Cons of Hiring a Backup Contractor

1. They Might Make Mistakes

One problem with having a backup contractor is that they may make mistakes you wouldn’t as they try to fill in for you. This means your clients may not get the quality of work they are used to.

When work from someone else is not up to your standards it could cause your relationships with clients to suffer. It could even come down to losing clients if the work is poor enough and cost you money.

2. They Might Lack Proper Training

It’s possible one of the reasons a substitute contractor may not perform as well as you is due to a lack of proper training. Some clients may have special needs or certain processes that must be followed to complete work for them.

If your backup contractor does not know these particulars it may be the cause for errors in projects. You will either need to train them or do the work yourself.

3. They Could Take Longer to Complete Work

Another downside to having a backup contractor is that quality and reliability may not be the same. You may have a contractor who isn’t reliable or takes twice as long as you would to complete work.

That could cause you to actually lose money on jobs if you end up paying them more than the client pays you.

Of course it would be nice for you to have a backup contractor to cover emergencies, illnesses, and vacations. Whether or not it is worth it to hire one is most likely going to be decided on a case by case basis.

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