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Blog » News » Realtors Relief Foundation donates $2 million to tornado victims

Realtors Relief Foundation donates $2 million to tornado victims

Realtor's relief fund to donate money to tornado victims

The National Association of Realtors announced today (June 13) that the Realtors Relief Foundation (RRF) will donate $2 million to tornado victims.

Since the tornado in Arkansas, families have been devastated by the damage to housing and personal items caused by this savage display of nature’s forces.

RFF donates $2 million in relief support to victims

The National Association of Realtors post says the RFF relief will go to realtors in the state to help rebuild communities. The NAR cover the administrative and operating costs of the RFF, allowing 100% of donations to be used for disaster relief.

The grant is the largest ever awarded by the RFF, consisting of $1 million initially awarded to the state’s residents and a further $2 million.

The RFF is a non-profit entity that helps with disaster recovery and relief funds. It has existed for nearly a quarter of a decade, providing more than $43 million in aid and assisting more than 23,000 families with housing issues.

RRF President Mike McGrew said, “These tornadoes have had a massive impact on families throughout Arkansas, and our hearts go out to all those affected.”

These funds will be distributed amongst those in need through the affected areas. They will help with urgent issues like disaster victims’ housing payments as the state rebuilds from the damage caused.

McGrew concluded, “This grant is not only a reflection of the selfless support of our donors and state and local association partners, but it also acknowledges the incredible work being done by Arkansas REALTORS® in reaching out to the communities affected. We are committed to providing tangible aid to those rebuilding their lives during this challenging time.”

NAR expands commitments

The NAR has been busy across this part of the year. The housing entity has partnered with SIXT, a global leader in premium mobility services.

Car booking leader provides services in over 100 countries, including a broad range of locations across the United States.

Rhonny Barragan, NAR vice president of strategic alliances, said of the deal, “Partnering with SIXT enhances our REALTOR Benefits® program, offering access to premium vehicles at preferential rates.”

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