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The Benefits of Using a Proposed Timeline

Many freelancers have to enter into contracts with their clients. A basic agreement can be made explaining the work that will be done as well as payment terms and other important details.

The Benefits of Using a Proposed Timeline

While it’s best to meet with a lawyer, the following shows the advantages of working with a proposed timeline.

1. You can make it a part of your agreement.

If applicable to the type of work that you do, make a proposed timeline that gives specific dates and the action steps that will take place on those dates. With a timeline, both you and the client know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

You can also anticipate the steps involved and when the project will be completed. A timeline also lets the client know that the freelancer may need their input or another task done throughout the process.

It sets expectations for each person to anticipate when they have to partake in any decision-making task or next step in the process to move the project along on time.

A timeline shows what needs to happen so that everyone involved meets the desired deadline.

2. You can tie in your payment terms.

You can intersperse your payment terms in the timeline; it gets thrown into a chronological order between other expected outcomes. You can signify when you will start and include other important dates with bullet points and bold text of the actual date.

Put a line or two about the action required by the client or freelancer. If you expect a payment upfront and the contract signed from the beginning, then include that information next to the date.

These are the first logical steps to begin working.

Tying in payment terms indirectly sets up a structure showing that the client needs to pay first before the work begins without having to say that directly or include it in a separate section.

Once you outline other steps in the process, include when the work will be finished along with the date that you expect to complete the project.

Add a line and date about how the freelancer gives an informal heads up about when the freelancer will be paid the remaining balance amount before the last invoice is sent out.

3. A timeline keeps everyone on the same page.

You don’t have to wonder when something will be completed or worry if the person makes the project a priority. A timeline is a proactive approach that takes any guessing out of what will happen while working together.

Being on the same page saves time by eliminating going back and forth on email unnecessarily if everything is clarified from the beginning. Also, it explains the process and gives an idea of how it will take to complete the task at hand.

When the client sees all the steps involved, they get a better understanding of what you are doing and how long it will realistically take to accomplish the project.

Joe A. Carbone, Jr. of uses a timeline in his agreements. He explains, “It sets the expectation for job completion.  If a client hires me to complete a financial plan or some other consulting job, my contract states the plan should be completed in 30 days, and the agreement is good for 6 months.  I set the expectations to put a timeline on job completion, and it helps keep the clients moving along the process.”

The Bottom Line

It’s best to check with a lawyer when drawing up a contract, but including a timeline can allow everyone involved to understand the time and tasks involved to complete work.

Your timeline also allows both parties to be aware of other important dates during the project and know when payment is expected.

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