In offering a trends roundup related to the state of the digital payments industry, Social Media Week noted how social media was changing how mobile payments are made, including the increased adoption of eCash, digital wallets, and digital currency.

The article also suggested that products like Venmo and technology like the Open Ledger Project are creating revolutionary changes in the overall domestic and international financial system.  As part of its findings, the article included information gathered by Due related to the rise in the use of blockchain technology, which is the framework of the Open Ledger Project.

You can read the original How Social Media is Changing Mobile Payments article here.

In recognizing the growing importance of blockchain in terms of its financial, including cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and even non-financial applications, the Due blog has created a category within its blog posts dedicated to providing more information on this trending topic. The blockchain blog posts include information on how it works, where it can be used, and the challenges and opportunities it presents.