Banks, financial institutions, and multinational service providers are just beginning to realize the true benefit of fintech. As they further their strategies to integrate fintech solutions now available, there will be many opportunities to establish strategic relationships that involve fintech startups, fintech businesses, and these organizations.

In sharing the thought leadership of others in the fintech industry, Network World includes thoughts from Due’s Alice Chen and a blog post she published on our site. She was quoted in the article as saying, “The fintech industry will only continue to grow, and this will be aided by an influx of collaborations between financial institutions and fintech companies to come.”

Although the article noted that competition was heating up in the fintech industry, there were numerous opportunities for mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships that could drive real growth and widespread adoption of fintech solutions around the world. You can read the original article here.

An ideal to create these partnerships is by networking at fintech industry conferences. Due put together a list of some of the top fintech conferences to attend this year where you can start looking for strategic partners and contacts that will propel your company’s growth.

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