Mistakes Not To Make In Your 30s and 40s If You Want To Preserve That Nest Egg

Someone in their 30s and 40s might think they still have decades to save for their retirement, but this age range is arguably the most expensive period of their lives, from first homes to family homes, expensive weddings to even more expensive divorces, and constantly upgrading cars. And while there are decades left before retirement, it’s these decisions and expenses that can really destroy your 401 k, especially if you’ve already been saddled with bad debt. Jaime Catmull, VP of Business Development and Partnerships of GoBankingRates.com outlines the path to depleted retirement funds in an article for The Street, and includes a shout-out to Due.com. After all, we’re in the business of helping you better manage your finances! For some expert advice on how to preserve your retirement nest egg decades ahead of time, read her article here.