Due.com’s Marketing Manager Angela Ruth was asked by Business.com to share a free productivity tool to use as a freelancer and small business owner.

Great Free Productivity Tools

In a recent article that listed 11 free productivity tools that other entrepreneurs have used, Angela recommended using Todoist, which is an effective way to make fast to-do lists for work and personal tasks.

She also noted that this free tool works across all devices for effective use of your time and the productivity of your team members.

Productivity Tools

Other great productivity tools listed include Pomotodo, Sunrise, Momentum, Quip, Postmates, Zapier and more. You can read the original article here.

Besides productivity tools — freelancers and small businesses need other types of tools to drive cost and time efficiencies.

You will want to sustain cash flow and generate greater profitability — all included in this checklist of free helps for Startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Check out these 35 tools designed for freelancers and small business owners.