We were featured today on Inc for providing one of the top 10 perks perfect for parents within our business. Each day, parents everywhere are working 24/7 to care for their children, and many times on top of that, working full time jobs. As more and more parents find themselves entering the workplace, the need for benefits and flexibility specific to mothers and fathers increases.

You can read Inc’s full article here.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – John Rampton, founder and CEO of Due, was quoted saying,

“We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner to everyone. I’ve found that most parents get to the office starving because they forgot to eat after being busy with dropping their children off at school. Many of them are also trying to save money, and this helps them out in that respect too.”

By providing breakfast, lunch and dinner to our team, Due is making employees’ lives just a little less hectic and stressful.