Due.com was featured in TechTimes for their annuity plans that are changing the process of retirement. Author Patrick Jones points out that many people haven’t thought of their retirement plans in a long time and many more have never thought of retirement.

Due.Com Has Changed the Annuity Game Forever

The Federal Reserve has pointed out that many people have exactly zero in their retirement plans. While it used to be that Gen Z and Millennials were the ones that didn’t think of retirement, we are seeing that that demographic has begun to think differently.

You may not be clear about what an Annuity is.

Annuities have been around for thousands of years — going back to Ancient Rome. It’s a contract between you and an insurance company or you and a financial company like Due.

The biggest thing to remember is that an annuity gives you a steady stream of reliable income to help you cover your expenses in retirement. An annuity is a way to have your retirement last.

due.com annuity
TechTimes Features Due.com Annuity

You’ll have better financial security with a Due Annuity

People and the government of support legislation to make it easier for your employer to help you have more accessible retirement plans. With an annuity, you will know exactly how much you will be receiving from that account during retirement.