Due Cofounder John Rampton Sheds Wisdom on When it’s Time to Stop Adding Product Features


Every entrepreneur wants to keep growing — even when a startup has established itself among a strong client base, it’s tempting to keep going full speed ahead to expand their product line, release constant updates with new features, in hopes of engaging more customers. However, as the Young Entrepreneur Council tells theNextWeb, there can be a point where all a company should do is slow down, think over their original product, stop throwing team resources into new developments and start nailing down what really matters, whether it’s making the original product stronger or marketing broader. Due cofounder John Rampton adds his two cents, saying “When I was building out the freelancer section of Due, we had 200+ customers request a couple of features, so we built them. Turns out only three of the 200 people were willing to pay $5/month more to get that feature. Don’t let that happen to you.” Read what other entrepreneurs have to say about when to stop adding product features on the theNextWeb.com.