Meeting with an investor, much like being noticed by the prettiest girl in the class, can leave entrepreneurs feeling a bit flustered as to what to do right after. After all, a small amount of attention doesn’t mean you’re going steady, but you may want to follow up or keep yourself within the investor’s range of sight. You’ll want to ask them questions about what they’re interested in, and then follow up. You may want to move on to the next investor and play the field a bit in the event of a let down. Due cofounder John Rampton and the rest of the Young Entrepreneur Council weigh in on the investor meeting post-game. Rampton’s advice? Track everything. “Right after a promising meeting (or sometimes before) you‘re going to be sending them a pitch deck. Make sure you‘re tracking everything. I personally use PandaDoc for this. It will show you what pages they are looking at, not looking at and how long they are looking at each page.” Read the rest of their advice on VergeHQ here.