Investopedia defines a podcast as an audio blog post and recently noted that it is a platform that more financial advisors should consider. One benefit is that it can build trust and help a financial advisor gain new clients while staying valid to existing clients. As Due Co-Founder and CEO John Rampton noted in the articles, “not only does [podcasting] help address regular questions that come up all the time, but it also helps articulate your thoughts on different subjects.

Benefits of Having a Podcast for Financial Advisors

Rampton also says that podcasting is an additional referral source because when people are searching online for the answers you have, they will find you and your website. It’s a helpful digital marketing technique to add to the tools at your disposal.” Another advantage is the ability to network with communities of interest. You can read the original article here.

Listening to other’s podcasts can be helpful as well as having your own. Check out these podcasts that are designed to help freelancers.