Whether it is work or professional life, everyone has those moments of doubt and a sense of failure at some point. However, it’s important to not become discouraged, especially if you are working so hard to launch a business or see a project through.

A good way to always lift your spirits is to focus on positive sayings and the thoughts of other business leaders who have also experienced similar setbacks but are now achieving success. Not only do their words provide the motivation you need, but you can also think about where these leaders came from and the fact that they never gave up no matter what barriers they faced.

Due Founder and CEO John Rampton‘s quote focuses on the value of not comparing yourself to others: “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to my chapter 15. Write your own success story.”

Other thought leaders and their words included in the article include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Stewart Butterfield of Slack, Steve Jobs of Apple and more.

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